17 Advantages of a Smoke Free Lifestyle

For years I have been seeing people smoking in the boys room, outside in the rain or in frigid temperatures. Then I’m seen well meaning politicians levying heavy taxes on smokers. It seems unfair, but smokers seem to be a unprotected minority including the Barak Obama, the President of the United States. Here’s a concise list of advantages of being Smoke Free. For those who smoke, this is designed to help you find reasons to quit this habit.

1- Avoiding Heart Disease, Lung Cancer, Mouth/Throat Cancer and Emphysema

2- You will have much cleaner/fresher/desirable breath

3- Increased oxygen to the brain helps you think clearer

4- No holes burnt in your clothing, furniture or auto seats

5- No home fires started by non-extinguished cigarettes

6- A great smile with better-looking, brighter, whiter teeth

7- No smelly yellow stains on 1st and 2nd fingers

8- Increased earning power on the job – “cigarette breaks” are not needed

9- No standing in rain, sleet, snow, freezing cold or scorching heat to smoke

10- Better sense to taste and smell, makes foods taste better

11- Saving big money

12- Avoiding excessive government cigarette taxes

13- Lowering health insurance premiums

14- Clothes don’t have cigarette stench

15- Fewer sore throats with a less raspy voice

16- Ashes aren’t all over your clothes

17- Live to see your grandchildren and a healthy retirement years

Yes, the benefits of being smoke free far outweigh reasons to smoke. Why not keep the extra money in your wallet and spend it on nice clothes, as well as tickets to movies, concerts and sporting events. You can enjoy the time and experiences of all these activities while being smoke free.