The Paradigm – Book Review Comparing Ahab to U.S. President – History Repeating Itself?

Is it possible – History repeating itself? Here’s a fascinating, very recent comparison of current day leaders to those from 3000 years ago recently written by a Jewish Rabbi.  Presented non-judgmentally, well-documented, it is a comparison of First and Second Kings to modern day events, happening precisely to the year, month and even to the very day.

Comparisons of Ancient Jewish Leaders to Current US Leaders

Comparison                    Ancient                     Current 

Country Leader                 King Ahab                     President Bill Clinton

Power behind Throne      Queen Jezebel              Hillary Clinton

Terrorist                             Ben Hadad                    Osama Bin Laden

3rd Leader                          Joram (Jehoram)        President Barak Hussain Obama

Godly Leader                     King Jehu                     President Donald Trump

Godly Conservative           Jehonadab                    Vice President Mike Pence

Insignificant Leader         Ahaziah                          President George Bush

Prevailing Worship          Levitical Law                 Christianity and Judaism

Killing of Children            Worship of Baal            Abortion on demand

History Repeating Itself?

I strongly suggest acquiring a copy of this incredibly accurate book. It will make you think hard about current events and their effect on the future direction of the USA.

  • Ahab and Bill Clinton were on the political stage for 22 years and both morally weak.
  • Both led their nations away from biblical morality including murder of the innocent babies.
  • Ahab and Clinton married very strong ambitious wives; Jezebel and Hillary.
  • Ahab/Jezebel were scandalized and connected to death of a vineyard owner. Bill/Hillary exactly the same – Whitewater, Vincent Foster, Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Travelgate, etc.
  • Ahab built a temple to Baal. Clinton 1st POTS to declare month for homosexuality.
  • Ahab repented 3 years before calamity struck Israel, but he wasn’t in power. Clinton repented in prayer meeting exactly 3 years before 9-1-1 terrorists struck the Twin Towers with Bush in office.
  • Both Jezebel and Hillary were alongside their husband’s political power for 22 years.
  • After husband’s death, Jezebel stayed in the palace – Hillary stayed close as Secretary of State.
  • Jezebel advocated child sacrifice. Hillary advocated abortion of any kind including partial birth.
  • Jezebel worshiped woman goddess (Ashtoreth). Hillary embraced anti-God feminism & New Age.
  • Both Jezebel and Hillary lasted through 3 administrations.
  • Both Jezebel and Hillary time of leadership on the public stage lasted 36 years.

More History Repeating Itself

  • Ben and Bin and Bn mean “son of.” (Ben Hadad & Osama Bin Laden)
  • Both Ben Hadad and Bin Laden attacked eastern chief cities ( Osama -NYC & Washington DC)
  • Both Ben Hadad and Bin Laden were killed 10 years after their attacks and in their bedrooms.
  • Ben Hadad and Osama Bin Laden (both “semetic”) did great damage to Godly kingdoms
  • Ben Hadad was released by Ahab – Bill Clinton missed 9 golden opportunities to kill Bin Laden.
  • Joram & Obama continued/embellished on the direction started by Ahab and Clinton.
  • Both Joram & Obama lasted exactly 12 years in office when Hillary and Jezebel were defeated.
  • Jehu and Trump were rough, non-political furious men coming out of nowhere to become leaders.
  • Both Jehu and Trump were backed up by strong men of God – Jehonadab & Mike Pence.

As a final piece of information: Ahab broke the Levitical Law (10 Commandments) when he stole Naboth’s land. The Levitical law was from the family of Levi, where we get the name Levin, Levinsky and Lewinsky.

Could this be precise History  Repeating Itself?

Read The Paradigm by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, published by FrontLine (Charisma House Book Group). It is amazing and will make you think!

Photo by mark6mauno