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1913 – A Book Review

How the U.S. Constitution Was Circumvented in 1913 Why are our taxes are so high? Why is the Government poking it ugly head into every aspect of our lives – making us pay for horrendous things we don’t want? The answer will surprise you in the book – “1913”. 1913 identifies the core moments when U.S. citizens began losing our freedoms! It started in 1913 – hence the book’s name. From these initial changes came most unintended consequences enslaving us today! This is a wake up call to all Americans who once enjoyed the freedoms granted by the Constitution...

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Gov Excess Quotes

Gov Excess Quotes Provide this Warning: It is Stealing Your Liberties! Presidents and World Leaders have often warned of the dangers when governments get too big. Thomas Jefferson stated: “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” As evidence – notice the recent wild spending after the Obama “Sequester” went into effect. While cutting essential services, our President’s & Vice President’s families have taken 8 lavish vacations in 3 months and just hosted a huge and expensive Celebrity Event. (The Sequester allowed every department’s budget to be cut EXCEPT the President’s!) 20 Gov Excess...

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Quotes: Keep Our Nation Strong

Thoughtful Ideas from Patriots to Keep Our Nation Strong Up With People was a youth movement born during the turbulent 1970s, as a  reaction to the negative and selfish attitudes trying to subvert our nation. Hundreds of energetic performances across America rang out with “Freedom isn’t Free. You’ve got to pay a price. You’ve got to sacrifice for your liberty.” Result? Attitudes of millions were redirected away from drugs, crime and protests. Much of the original thoughts and words of America’s Founders have been systematically removed from our public school textbooks by the deceitful. But now a renaissance of patriotic...

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