Will the USA suffer the same Fate as Ancient Israel?

There are striking similarities between Ancient Israel and currently the USA. These lead to the inevitable question: Will the Christian USA suffer the same fate as Ancient Israel?

Ancient Israel                                                   Modern USA

– Israelites are God’s children                   – Christians are God’s adopted children
-God chose the Israelites                           – The U.S. Christian leaders chose God

– They escaped religious tyranny            – They escaped religious tyranny
– Entered a land of milk & honey             – Given rich farmland with resources
– Founders followed God’s ordinances   – Founders followed God’s laws
– Israel protected the Israelites                 – USA protected their people and Israelites
– God’s laws clarified in Talmud               – God’s laws clarified in the US Constitution
– Lost no wars while following God          – Lost no wars while following God

– Was tolerant of other religions               – Was tolerant of other religions
– Leaders became tolerant                          – Leaders became tolerant
– Leaders became wicked                           – Leaders became wicked
(Kings, Chief Priests, Judges, Scribes) (President, Legislators, Judges, Professors)
– Many children  quit following God       – Many children quit following God
– Showed secrets to enemy                       – Sold secrets to enemy
– Emphasized legal not morally correct  – Emphasizes legality not morally correct
– Laws enacted, leaders couldn’t follow  – Laws enacted, leaders couldn’t follow
– Children sacrificed to Milcom & Baal   – Infanticide (abortion) legalized
– Began encountering  disasters                – Began encountering many disasters
drought, and famine.                                   (Katrina/Sandy, 9/11 Twin Towers, shootings!

– Intermarried w/other religions – Citizens intermarried w/ other religions
– God’s laws overruled by Sanhedrin          – God’s laws overruled by Supreme Court

– Invaded by foreigners                       – Invaded (illegals, terrorists, MS-13 gang)

Disasters didn’t turn nation to God     – Disasters didn’t turn the nation to God

Didn’t follow God – OVERTHROWN      – People quit following God, so  ? ? ? ?

It’s not too late for America to return to God, but Time is Quickly Running Out!
You can’t do anything about others, but you can return to Him who loves you and who will protect you!

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