Can You Name Original Cities of these Pros in this All Sports Quiz?

The L.A. Lakers are well known in Pro Basketball Circles as World Champions. But, have they always been located in Los Angeles? No! See if you can name where these professional teams came from: 1) expansion; 2) another league; 3)another name; 4) original city; and 5) what city (cities) they moved from.

NFL Football Teams

1-   Arizona Cardinals                        _______________
2-   Chicago Bears                              _______________
3-   Baltimore Ravens                       _______________
4-   Indianapolis Colts                      _______________
5-   Dallas Cowboys                           _______________
6-   Minnesota Vikings                     _______________
7-   Cleveland Browns                      _______________
8-   Oakland Raiders                        _______________
9-   St. Louis Rams                           _______________
10- Indianapolis Colts                     _______________

MLB Baseball Teams

11-  Minnesota Twins             ____________
12-  Seattle Mariners              ____________
13-  Oakland Athletics            ____________
14-  Baltimore Orioles            ____________
15-  Toronto Blue Jays           ____________
16-  Milwaukee Brewers        ____________
17-  Los Angeles Dodgers      ____________
18-  San Francisco Giants     ____________
19-  Atlanta Braves                 ____________
20-  Kansas City Royals        ____________
21-  Washington Nationals  ____________
22-  Miami Marlins               ____________
23-  Houston Astros             ____________
24-  New York Mets              ____________
25-  Tampa Bay Rays            ____________
26- Texas Rangers                ____________

NBA Basketball Teams

27-  LA Lakers
28-  Sacramento Kings
29-  OK City Thunder
30-  Utah Jazz
31- Charlotte Bobcats
32- New Orleans Pelicans

Sudden Death” Tie Breakers!

In case you are having a contest at work or school, you can use these All Sports Quiz questions to break a tie.

33- Name the 4 teams from the Old American Basketball Association (A.B.A.) that joined the NBA.

34- Name the eight 1903-1953 teams of the American League.

35- Name the eight 1903-1953 teams of the National League.

(Oh by the way I posted quizzes for the basketball, football, baseball and hockey team names NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB as well.  To find these quizzes go to

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Photo by philcampbell

Photo by philcampbell

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