Listen to the Wise 3

Here’s a key to finding the Wisdom to help you in your life. This video will help you avoid major calamities in your life. Hint: Seek out wise people! This is the 3rd in the series.

Your Hand Shake is Very Important 4

In only 1 second you can Gain a Friend – Be Respected – Be Considered Honest! All this is communicated through your handshake. Here’s what I have taught thousands of senior and junior high school...

A Miracle is Coming to You! 5

You might feel you are in tremendous trouble! Don’t think of it as trouble, but that YOU’RE IN THE MIDST OF A MIRACLE! Don’t worry, God has a great plan for you!

It’s Only Halftime! 2

If you are not achieving everything in life you want, remember you’re only just beginning. You should know and understand how valuable a person you are! You can succeed in all you do and have a happy life. This Video is number 2 in the Encouragement Series. For...

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