Author: Diane and Jim

That’s My God !

What God did for Others, He’ll do for You! That’s My God! As a Christian life can really get discouraging especially since we know all things are possible for those who love the Lord. But it seems no matter what we try, we’re stuck. When you’re up against what seems like an unattainable situation (“impossible opportunity”) that’s when we need to be encouraged with the 7700 promises in God’s Word. When we do our part, He’ll do His. That’s My God! 1-       185,000 crack Assyrian troops surrounded Jerusalem ready to attack. Hezekiah had everyone pray and fast. The next...

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Getting More Answers To Prayer

Additional Insights on Getting Answers to Prayer God in His mercy will answer even our 1 word prayer – HELP! After all – He is faithful! However, we can increase the effectiveness of our communication with God using the previously posted – “How to Pray” and “Ask the Key to Answered Prayers.” Here are 4 additional topics to elevate you to the next level: 1) We Need to Be Thankful; 2) After Prayer Be Patient; 3) After Prayer, Praise Him; 4) Why Prayers Don’t Get Answered as you ask. 1) In Prayer We Need to Be Thankful How do you feel when...

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