How Success is Achieved

How Success is Achieved

We are All Farmers As I reflect on my days, I begin to see How Success is achieved in life. It seems we are all farmers in one way or another. In effect some skills were planted when we were young. They were built upon daily through life until it came to great...

Fake News or Gossip

Most have played a game called telephone. It exposes how Fake News or Gossip gets started. Here’s how the game is played: Someone gets some news, then whispers it to another, who in turn whispers it to another. This continues until everyone has been whispered the...

Are You a Fence Sitter?

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve But As For Me and My House, We Will Choose The Lord Which will you choose. On the Fence you don’t get Heaven! Hell                                        Heaven murder                                                          ...
Faith, Hope, Love

Faith, Hope, Love

The Three Godly Amigos – Faith, Hope, Love  Many have heard this phrase: For these things continue forever, Faith, Hope, Love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. But do you know where these are defined in the Bible? Here are the 3 locations. Faith...

Join the Bargain Group of the Century

Choose the Right Club to Join You may wish to gain financial or prestige benefits provided by buyer’s groups, country clubs, service or military organizations of which you are not a member. Instead of logically comparing benefits, many make decisions based upon rumors...

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