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Baking and Planning For Success

Planning for Success Requires Patience to Implement Successfully! Writing a Strategic Plan may be compared to Baking a Chocolate Cake from scratch with similar pitfalls planning for success. Both are custom made and best when executed by experts. They require diligence, precision, adherence to complicated steps and most of all – patience. Rushing the process causes serious mistakes. But those who carefully plan will enjoy good profit. Before baking a cake, correct ingredients must be gathered in a well-equipped kitchen. Note: an oven’s inaccurate temperature gauge will under cook or burn the cake’s edges. Compare this with market data that is slanted to reflect a “hoped for” conclusion. Both examples will negatively affect the outcome, despite following all the remaining steps perfectly! Even measuring and mixing ingredients offers pitfalls. The sugar and butter must be combined first, then added to the dry mix. Beat the ingredients too long and the cake becomes flat. Substitute wrong ingredients and the flavor can be ruined. (I vividly remember my daughter Linda, making a batch of blueberry muffins. She substituted baking soda for baking powder resulted in a bitter flavor of soap.) Essential to a Strategic Plan, beyond researching the market, is gathering data from former and current customers, as well as employees who have valuable expertise to be tapped carefully. Employees are in a position to assist or foil implementation. Remember – some employees may be...

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The Yalta Agreement – Satan’s Method

My friend Marlin Bates was an 80+-year-old former World War II Infantry Sergeant under General Collins in conjunction with General Patton. He learned some of the following Yalta Agreement details only after the War was over. While we were out working on his land near the Mississippi River, he unveiled this fascinating true story about “the War To End All Wars, WWII.” It taught me volumes about Satan. I’m wrote this so we don’t forget. At the end of World War II General Patton’s U.S. troops had gobbled up huge chunks of land, and were just 20 miles from...

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History Book Test

History Book/Books You May Never Have Read Here’s a short literary quiz to determine how smart you are – no trick questions! When you answer correctly, you’ll learn how your knowledge “stacks up” against the world’s greatest minds. (Rules: Don’t cheat or look ahead. Just answer the questions as they come.) Get the answer? You can now count yourself in the upper percentage of the population knowing the answer. What history book was written on 3 continents – Asia – Africa – Europe? What history book was written in 3 completely different languages? What book is a collection of literary works...

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Famous & Fun Bible Stories!

Many Bible Stories are not only Fun but Famous! If I sat down to read 20 owner’s manuals from various electronic appliances in my house, I’d throw my hands up in frustration and quit. A better strategy might be to read only the parts of manuals that applied to any questions that I currently had. Consisting of 66 mini books, the Bible is the owner’s manual for your life. Therefore, instead of reading it in one lump, you might want to pick the most interesting parts and read them first. Then, as you feel more adventurous, you could attack other...

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11 Foot Odor Remedies

No More Stinky Feet – Tips from Jim Edwards – Master Shoe Fitter Reduce Foot Odor and Increase Comfort (So why do feet smell and noses run?) Conditions inside shoes can be as hot and humid as a jungle. Feet release as much as ½ pint of perspiration per day and temperatures reach 110º F. (Some doctors refer to the feet as the 3rd kidney.) These conditions promote the growth of  bacteria and molds, contributing not just to foot odor – but foot disease. Here are 11 keys to increasing your comfort while keeping your feet fresh**. 11 Ideas to...

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