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Sex Practiced Outside of Biblical Marriage

Quotations from the Bible about Sex Practiced Outside of Biblical Marriage Why doesn’t God want sex practiced outside of biblical marriage between man and woman? Because it can kill you and/or ruin relationships! God wants you to prosper in all ways! The thief (Satan) comes to steal kill and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that you may have life and that more abundantly. John 10:10  You can’t have abundant life if you have Aids! An older lady who attended a “Christian-type” church asked me: “Where does the Bible discuss homosexuality?” She didn’t believe the Bible had anything on the...

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Give Me Product Information So I Can Buy!

Keys to Good Customer Service (1) This weekend I needed to purchase a new “weed wacker.” I went to my preferred lawn care specialist hoping to buy. Unsatisfied, I went to see product displays at two big hardware box stores. Each product was packed in an expensive white box with lots of graphics. How much product information was available on the packaging or from the sales staff? Very little! There was no information except PRICE ($70-$279); power (corded electric/battery/2-cycle/4 cycle); curved or non-curved; and horsepower. I had no reason to buy any product!  I couldn’t get the information I...

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God’s Amazing Precision – I

Shares Examples of God’s Amazing Precision Belittling the Egyptian Gods A friend had to move a huge machine from St. Louis to Alabama. It had to be set-up with a tolerance of only 1/10,000 of an inch. Wow! However, this is nothing compared to God’s Amazing Precision. Whole books have been written to explain only partial sentences in the Bible. Here’s one I missed. For 200+ years the Israelites made Egyptian Pharaohs rich. But the Egyptians still worshiped false (pretend) gods including himself, the Pharaoh. One became afraid as God’s people prospered, so began persecuted them, killing their babies and enslaving them. It is documented; God heard His people’s cries for help, so sent Moses. Using 10 plagues to extricate His people from their misery, the Israelites escaped. The Red Sea parted allowing the millions to cross in 1 night. (Some doubters say the water was only inches deep. If so, the pursuing Egyptian army was completely drown in those same only inches of water, making it an even greater miracle!) In the telling of these Mega Miracles it is easy to miss a simple statement seemingly lost in Exodus 12:12. . . and against all the gods of Egypt I WILL execute judgment: I am the Lord. (Most of us don’t exactly remember these plagues, much less the “gods.”) This means God was going to openly mock all the...

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Seldom Seen Zechariah’s Golden Nuggets

“Raiders of the Lost Ark,” is in Zechariah’s Golden Nuggets! Near the end of the Old Testament is a group of short books known as the Minor Prophets.  Each was written by a prophet around the 6th century B.C. but difficult to find in the Bible’s massive 1,500 pages. It exposes God’s plan directly to the reader – YOU!  While every word in the Bible is important, here are some significant Zechariah’s Golden Nuggets you may have missed. Return to Me, says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you. Question: Do  you need to return so He will...

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Jesus in the Evil Jewish Kangaroo Court

The Bible books of Leviticus and Numbers state all sacrifices must be perfect. God stated in Malachi 1, Priests were allowing the lame, blind, and sick animals to be offered to God. He said, “Offer it then to your governor, would he be pleased? . . . accept it favorably?” Of course not, then or now!

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