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Organisms Evolved

The THEORY OF EVOLUTION – Organisms Evolved? Many have shortened “The Theory of Evolution” to just “Evolution” – making it appear as fact, forgetting it is still in the THEORY stage. This theory seems to have scientists split with large numbers of groups coming down on both sides of the issue if Organisms Evolved. In this world we have many “theories.” For example there was a theory that the reason the Chicago Cubs couldn’t win a World Series was that they didn’t have lights to play night games. Well, now they have lights, so what’s their excuse? Well none...

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How Success is Achieved

From the earliest age our parents planted things in our lives. It was their version of right from wrong, proper language, responsibility, work habits, skills, etc. (Bobby Bonds taught Barry Bonds baseball; Archie Manning taught his sons Payton and Eli quarterbacking, etc.) The effectiveness of parenting shows up in children. How are you doing?

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