Fake News or Gossip

Most have played a game called telephone. It exposes how Fake News or Gossip gets started. Here’s how the game is played: Someone gets some news, then whispers it to another, who in turn whispers it to another. This continues until everyone has been whispered the...

Join the Bargain Group of the Century

Choose the Right Club to Join You may wish to gain financial or prestige benefits provided by buyer’s groups, country clubs, service or military organizations of which you are not a member. Instead of logically comparing benefits, many make decisions based upon rumors...
Give Me Product Information So I Can Buy!

Give Me Product Information So I Can Buy!

Keys to Good Customer Service (1) This weekend I needed to purchase a new “weed wacker.” I went to my preferred lawn care specialist hoping to buy. Unsatisfied, I went to see product displays at two big hardware box stores. Each product was packed in an expensive...

Best Ad Specialty Practices

Don’t Use Ad Specialty “Swag” UNLESS . . . . Earlier in life I constantly displayed at conventions. Upon returning, I’d gather my children around to present the trade show’s swag that included motel give-aways like soap, shampoos, shower caps, etc. I’d throw...
Protect Your Honor!

Protect Your Honor!

Real Life Honor & Integrity Lessons I generally work Monday evenings and my wife stays home. Recently, she has been glued to the TV watching “The Bachelor.” However, last night the opposite happened. I volunteered to watched it for her and tell her what happened....

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