Join the Bargain Group of the Century

Choose the Right Club to Join You may wish to gain financial or prestige benefits provided by buyer’s groups, country clubs, service or military organizations of which you are not a member. Instead of logically comparing benefits, many make decisions based upon rumors...
8 Little Known Facts about Jesus’ Death

8 Little Known Facts about Jesus’ Death

          What Teachers don’t Tell You in Sunday School! Below are 8 little known facts about Jesus’ death on the cross to help you understand His love for you. The Jewish leaders were so angry at Jesus that they wanted him to die the most painful,...

Have You Taken Advantage of The Promise?

Promise – then Patience until it is – Performed   If I asked my children to wash the dishes, they would Promise to get it done. Then I had to be Patient and wait before the task was Performed. The Promise From the 8th or 9th century B.C. the following is...

God’s Amazing Precision – I

Examples of God’s Amazing Precision Belittling the Egyptian Gods A friend had to move a huge machine from St. Louis to Alabama. It had to be set-up with a tolerance of only 1/10,000 of an inch. Wow! However, this is nothing compared to God’s Amazing Precision....
Seldom Seen Zechariah’s Golden Nuggets

Seldom Seen Zechariah’s Golden Nuggets

Near the end of the Old Testament is a group of short books known as the Minor Prophets.  Each is written by a prophet around the 6th century B.C. but difficult to find in the massive 1,500 pages of the Bible. The purpose of this writing is to better expose...

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