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You Cannot Negotiate With God

You Cannot Negotiate with God Maybe it would be better to say, you should not try to negotiate, because you will never get the positive result you had been seeking! The Lord of Hosts says; “I am the Lord, I do not change;” – Malachi 3:6 You may change, and probably...

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God’s List of Abominations These six things the LORD hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him; PRIDE (a proud look) LIES (a lying tongue) MURDER (hands that shed innocent blood) PLOTTING EVIL (a heart that devises wicked plans) EAGER TO DO EVIL (Feet that are swift...

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Your Owner’s Manual

Thousands of Benefits Stolen from You Cars, Appliances, and Computers have owner’s manuals. If you don’t pay attention to the owner’s manual you eventually can have failures at the worst possible times. Same with your owner’s manual completed by the year 120 A.D. by...

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Diane and Jim Edwards have been married since 1974. They have found wise solutions to life’s dilemmas in the pages of the Bible. Having raised 4 well-rounded, married and respected children, all are actively and significantly involved in Christian ministry.

This website contains topics on raising successful Christian families using common biblical sense in every aspect of life. It involves protecting while helping children understand and use common courtesies, good personal hygiene and other key topics not typically taught in schools.

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