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4 Steps to Receiving Anything You Need We probably have all heard someone say, “I wish I had a ____________." But wishing won’t get you anything truly valuable. Asking God properly WILL! ANYTHING YOU NEED? Yes! ANYTHING! Maybe you are sick, poor, in danger, or made a...

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Whose Responsibility is Your Prosperity?

The Church or You Wonder why those who never darken the door of a church, prosper? Why do 80% of the Jews prosper when most Christians don’t? Every week we throw in a couple of bucks to the offering basket but we never see any return. Why not? Is it the church’s...

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Escape from Egypt

GOD knew Pharaoh couldn’t be trusted, for he repeatedly broke his promises to free God’s people. He’d eventually send his fully-equipped army on the Gaza land bridge, to kill or capture the Israelites. So, HE had Moses lead the Israelites east into a seeming trap at the Red Sea. Yes, it was a trap, but for Pharaoh’s army!

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A Little About Us

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Diane and Jim Edwards have been married since 1974. They have found wise solutions to life’s dilemmas in the pages of the Bible. Having raised 4 well-rounded, married and respected children, all are actively and significantly involved in Christian ministry.

This website contains topics on raising successful Christian families using common biblical sense in every aspect of life. It involves protecting while helping children understand and use common courtesies, good personal hygiene and other key topics not typically taught in schools.

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