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Bible “GOT IT”!

Bible “GOT IT”!

Bible “GOT IT!” A Competitive Action Game! Fun  -  Competitive  -   Scripture Teaching Tool for  Youth Groups  -  Christian Schools  -  Sunday School Lessons  Family-time Fun  -  New Believer’s Classes  Players Race to Locate Bible Verses from 110+ Powerful,...

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Is God Male or Female?

The Bible calls women – Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding AND the FIRST thing God ever created. Actually, from the very beginning it’s been a partnership. No one can argue with the fact, women were with God before men. YES, God is Male!

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A Little About Us

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Diane and Jim Edwards have been married since 1974. They have found wise solutions to life’s dilemmas in the pages of the Bible. Having raised 4 well-rounded, married and respected children, all are actively and significantly involved in Christian ministry.

This website contains topics on raising successful Christian families using common biblical sense in every aspect of life. It involves protecting while helping children understand and use common courtesies, good personal hygiene and other key topics not typically taught in schools.

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