The Jefferson Lies – Book Review

Thomas Nelson Publishing recently recalled The Jefferson Lies written by David Barton of WallBuilders. Lies have been spread about our third President and writer of the Declaration of Independence. He has been singled out with Presidents Clinton, LBJ and Kennedy as unfaithful to their marriage vows. Since I’m suspicious of media censorship, I immediately purchased a copy for personal examination.

My personal Bible was published and GIVEN to me by Thomas Nelson publishing 4 years ago.  I’ve also read portions of what is called the “Jefferson Bible.” However, I’ve also been to a seminar featuring Mr. Barton, own some of his books, and have seen him speak on TV. (I’ve never encountered anyone more detail oriented with information based on his huge library of early U.S. documents from the Founding Fathers.) So, I wanted to give this book a fair examination.

A.  7 Famous Lies Told About Jefferson 

Below is a review of Mr. Barton’s revelations based upon over 700 documented references concerning Jefferson and hateful rumors spread.

1-       Jefferson NEVER fathered children with a black slave woman – 107 references

Incomplete DNA test results published in Nature magazine were reversed 3 months later, but not publicized. It provided cover for President William Jefferson Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky Impeachment trial. (A relative was responsible.)

2-       Jefferson founded the University of Virginia as a trans-denominational school allowing ALL Christian denominations to teach their ministers. He even funded them – 122 references. (Previous universities were founded and controlled by single denominations; William and Mary – Anglican; Yale – Congregationalists; Princeton – Presbyterians; etc.)

3-       Jefferson never wrote a Bible. He gathered all the teaching and philosophy of Jesus into a single volume to show Jesus’ superiority above all other well-known philosophers – 66 references. Titled The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth, it was a) written to evangelize Indians; b) words were taken only from the 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).

4-       Jefferson inherited his slaves and was forced to keep them BY LAW. He wasn’t a racist – 100 references. He paid slaves when they worked overtime or on special projects. The King’s law and later Virginia law prohibited the release of slaves without paying substantial financial penalties and splitting up families. He constantly argued and lobbied for the end of slavery!

5-       Jefferson NEVER advocated separation of church and state – 121 references. His statement is taken out of context. He didn’t want one person to be head of both the country and the church. England’s King Henry VIII made up his own rules, so he could marry/divorce whomever he wished. (Jefferson said the head of the church is Jesus Christ.) Religions should not be removed from the public square, but rather only that the government could not limit or regulate it.

6-       Jefferson embraced the Clergy and even supported them financially – 64 references. Jefferson opposed Northeast “Federalist” (political party) ministers who wanted to set their faith as the only Christian denomination. Sadly, these ministers participated in incredibly dirty politics of the time including character assassination because they wanted their own denomination to become the U.S.’s only sponsored faith!

7-       Jefferson was a solid Biblebelieving Christian and spent his life promoting and establishing churches, and getting Bibles published – 92 references. The Unitarian Church before Ralph Waldo Emerson had 4 tenants: a) strong emphasis on teaching morals; b) strong position against slavery; c) emphasized interdenominational cooperation; d) embraced all those who called themselves Christian.

B. Current Political Philosophies

Barton exposes philosophies of those who are tearing down our Nation’s Founding Fathers. In this well-written, easy-to-understand volume, Mr. Barton exposes the following philosophies:

1- Deconstructionism – is a steady flow of finding, then belittling and negative portrayals (constant critiques) of Western heroes, belief, values and institutions.

2- Poststructuralism – is discarding of absolutes and historical truths.

3- American Exceptionalism – Whereas God gave Israel its land and nation, The United States actually chose God, and then prospered because of adhering to HIS principals. (This is a philosophy discarded by atheists and non-Bible believing immigrants.)

4- Modernism – examines historical events and person as if they occurred and lived today. It severs history from its context and setting, misrepresenting historical beliefs and events.

5- Minimalism – unreasonable insistence on oversimplification on reducing everything to monolithic causes and linear effects. (Similar to relying on out-of-context sound bites used by politicians.)

6- Academic Collectivism – Writers and “supposed scholars” quote each others and those in their peer groups instead of consulting original sources. (This really is lazy academia!)

C. Thomas Nelson Publishers has been sold.

I also investigated Thomas Nelson publishing and found it have been recently purchased by HarperCollins which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. I also learned the critics pressuring the publisher have a stake in the debate. They are liberal pastors and a little known professor from a little known university who wrote a book using far less credible documents. (Just imagine his embarrassment. (Better meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool caught in his folly.)

D. Conclusion and Recommendation

If you can obtain and read a copy of The Jefferson Lies before they are all destroyed or sent back to the publisher, I heartily recommend it! It includes President Thomas Jefferson’s views, motives and actions, against a background of incredibly dirty politics second only to what we currently experience in this election cycle.

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