Ask 4 Questions Before Spending Cash For Ads!

Your Staff, Reps and Advisors may tell you – “We’ve got to Advertise . . . It pays to Advertise!” Really? Why not ask four sensible questions before throwing your money away!

1) Exactly, what’s the message that we need so desperately to get out?

2) Will this message actually help sell our product and add profit?

3) Yes? How do you know? Prove it to me before I spend cash for Ads!

4) What is the likelihood that sales generated will offset my investment?

Since advisors are so willing to spend your $ tactically, somebody better have a message that’ll bring you a good return (ROI)! After all, you didn’t get where you are by being stupid.

There’s an old adage “If you want to know why John Smith buys, what John Smith buys, you’ve got to see the world through John Smith’s eyes!” So – before you spend cash for Ads – who in your organization found out what your target John Smith wants? What is it about your product he really wants – that he can’t get anywhere else? All the money in the world spent on advertising won’t get John Smith to buy – if you don’t address his need!

Money Can you make a solid argument that he would be “nuts” to purchase from anyone else – Regardless of Your Price? If not, then before you spend your hard-earned cash for Ads it’s high time to do some serious strategic marketing!

Please don’t get me wrong . . Should you Advertise? Absolutely – but only IF and WHEN . . the message is important to your prospects – and will make you MONEY! So to put cash in your pocket this month – Don’t advertise until those 4 questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

Then when you’re ready to Advertise, keep these four things in mind:

· Have something good to say

· Say it well

· Say it often

· Be certain you will get a good ROI (Return On Investment)

As key guidelines for business owners and managers, this common-sense approach will help your hard-earned advertising dollars actually be effective. Yes! Spend money on advertising, but only where it definitely will bring you a terrific return on your investment. Engage business brains before spending your hard-earned money!