The Logical Way was the Dangerous Way

Much can be learned by analyzing well-known historical events. Such an incident may be found in the Bible book of Exodus, as the Israelites (chosen by GOD) made their exciting but illogical escape from Egypt and slavery. Here’s a short recap starting with how they became slaves.

Israel’s Family Welcomed in Egypt

One of 12 Jacob’s (Israel’s) sons, Joseph was hated by his brothers. They sold him to traders who sold him in Egypt. Unjustly accused, he spent time in a prison. Able to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, he warned of a coming 7-year famine. As a reward he was put in charge of the country’s food supply. To get food Joseph required the people to sell their land, property and later themselves to Pharaoh during the famine. 

To obtain food his father, 11 brothers and their families moved to Egypt, settling and prospering in the fertile land of Goshen, increasing to over 1 million. A new Pharaoh didn’t know Joseph, but was afraid of the Israelites, so sought to kill all newborn boys. One, Moses, was adopted and grew up in the royal family. After killing an Egyptian, he fled and started a new life, then encountered GOD in a burning bush.

GOD told the humble Moses to return to Egypt and demand Pharaoh to free the Israelite slaves. As a convincer for the Israelites, then Pharaoh, HE equipped Moses with a rod which turned into a snake. But this Pharaoh liked things just as they were! Life was good, having control with his many gods, he gave no respect for the one true GOD, Moses, Aaron (Moses’ brother), or the Israelites.

The Plagues

If Pharaoh wouldn’t set God’s people free, so HE told Moses to infest Egypt with plagues; Pharaoh promised to release the Israelites, then refused each time. Pharaoh just wouldn’t free God’s people. It took 10 plagues to convince Pharaoh his gods were false and powerless.  

Egypt’s Plague                         Egyptian “gods” Mocked

1- All water turned to blood        Hapi and Nu

2- Frogs everywhere                  Heket (Heki)

3- Lice everywhere                     Geb  Seb

4- Invasion of Flies                    Uatcht    Khepi

5- Killed all livestock                  Hathor (4 other gods)

6- Painful Boils on everyone      Isis, Healag

7- Hail & Fire ruined crops          Isis, Seth, Nut, Shu

8- Locusts destroyed crops       Seth Serapia

9- Days of total darkness           RA (the sun god)

10- Death to all first born            Pharaoh himself

Finally, Pharaoh was fed up and demanded the Israelites leave immediately. The fastest, most logical route for Moses to lead the people to freedom, was northeast to the 6.8-mile-wide, Gaza-Strip trade route, the only land connection from Africa to Israel and all of Asia. However, God instructed Moses to lead his unarmed, vulnerable Israelite families southeast to the impassable Red Sea. 

Why lead the Israelites into a Dangerous Trap?  

GOD knew Pharaoh couldn’t be trusted, for he repeatedly broke his promises to free God’s people. He’d eventually send his fully-equipped army on the Gaza land bridge, to kill or capture the Israelites. So, HE had Moses lead the Israelites east into a seeming trap at the Red Sea. Yes, it was a trap, but for Pharaoh’s army!  (GOD always has a plan for the good of HIS people.)

God’s Way is always the Best Way

Surprise! God parted the Red Sea 1-2 miles wide to allow the 1-million-plus Israelites to cross over on dry ground in only one night. But when Pharaoh’s entire army tried to follow the next daykl/, God collapsed the walls of water and they drown. This miraculous escape not only saved the Israelites, but devastated the Egyptian army so they couldn’t recover for years. It provided 40 years of safety to teach the Israelites trust in GOD, follow HIS direction and become a nation.