Why Do We Think God Miracles Must Make Sense?

Every day we encounter God’s mighty acts, but don’t realize it. It might be avoiding injuries; not getting hit by cars, due to God sent them by other routes; healing us of dreadful diseases, we never knew we had, etc. (On 9-11 odd circumstances made numerous people late to work saving their lives!) Occasionally, these acts are so spectacular and out of the ordinary, we call them God Miracles!

Tumor Healed

There is an account of an English plumber, Smith Wigglesworth, and a woman who was dying of cancer. After praying for her in a church service, Smith commanded that she be stood up. He proceeded to punch her in the stomach and she crumpled up in a heap. The congregation was aghast! After all, didn’t he know she was on the verge of dying? What a terrible, unsympathetic brute!

He order men to stand her up again only to punch her in the stomach, again! She crumpled her in a heap. Now those gathered were getting very angry. So, he had her stood up for a third time. Again he punched her, but this time she stayed standing completely healed. Lying on the floor next to her was a bloody mass. It was the tumor that had been killing her.

Amazing, demonstrations of God’s power can be wildly unconventional. But His ways work 100% of the time! For them to work however, it requires a servant who will to listen for His instructions and obey them to the letter – no matter how weird they seem!

5 Bible Examples of God Miracles

There are countless examples in the Bible. Here are but a few:

1- King Jehoshaphat went out to face the combined armies of 3 kingdoms, but God instructed him to have his musicians, priests and “praisers” to lead his troops into battle. (A nutty command, right? Suicide?) The King didn’t lose a man, while the invading armies were completely destroyed.  In fact there was so much “spoil” it took his people 3 days to carry all the valuables away (II Chronicles 20).

2- For years Israel was being oppressed by the Midianites and Amalekites. God picked Gideon to free them. Who was Gideon? He was the least member of his household, from the weakest clan of the weakest tribe in Israel. Against the armies as numerous as locusts, God had him use only 300 men with nothing but trumpets and pitchers with torches in them. (Crazy right?) The armies fought against each other while Gideon and his men watched the armies destroy one another (Judges 7).

3- To humble the Egyptian Pharaoh, God chose Moses, a shy, humble stutterer. (God, couldn’t you do better than that?) Moses marched 1,000,000+ unarmed Israelites to the Red Sea, then allowing their escape route to be blocked by the Egyptian army. (What was he thinking?) God opened the Red Sea wide enough to allow them to walk 700 abreast to cross over in one night, and then drown the entire pursuing Egyptian army (Genesis 6-14)!

No problem is too difficult for the Universe’s Creator! Just present it to Him and believe He’ll solve it!

4- Naaman, the commander of the Syrian army, was a leper. He was sent to Elisha to be healed. God’s man Elisha told him to wash 7 times in the dirty old Jordan River. (That’s crazy!) Naaman was furious. He expected Elisha to do something fancy – more dignified. Finally, he obeyed and was instantly healed of his leprosy (II Kings 5)! (Impossible you think? Not with God! All things are possible, Matthew 19:26!)

5- Imagine you are an orphaned teenage girl. Do you think God could use you to save the lives of millions of slaves – peacefully – at dinner? A whole book in the Bible tells the story (Esther).

There is no such thing as a “hopeless situation” in your life. There’s only another opportunity for God miracles showing His Almightyness! Trust in Him. If you’re faithful, He will never, never, NEVER let you down.Photo by Zach Dischner

Photo by roger4336