Examples of God’s Amazing Precision

Belittling the Egyptian Gods

A friend had to move a huge machine from St. Louis to Alabama. It had to be set-up with a tolerance of only 1/10,000 of an inch. Wow! However, this is nothing compared to God’s Amazing Precision. Whole books have been written to explain only partial sentences in the Bible. Here’s one I missed.

For 200+ years the Israelites made Egyptian Pharaohs rich. But the Egyptians still worshiped false (pretend) gods including himself, the Pharaoh. One became afraid as God’s people prospered, so began persecuted them, killing their babies and enslaving them.

It is documented; God heard His people’s cries for help, so sent Moses. Using 10 plagues to extricate His people from their misery, the Israelites escaped. The Red Sea parted allowing the millions to cross in 1 night. (Some doubters say the water was only inches deep. If so, the pursuing Egyptian army was completely drown in those same only inches of water, making it an even greater miracle!)

In the telling of these Mega Miracles it is easy to miss a simple statement seemingly lost in Exodus 12:12. . . and against all the gods of Egypt I WILL execute judgment: I am the Lord. (Most of us don’t exactly remember these plagues, much less the “gods.”) This means God was going to openly mock all the Egyptian Gods. Who were these “gods” and did God execute the judgment?

Here’s a listing of how God’s Amazing Precision dealt with each “god/goddess” showing them as false and helpless in front of our mighty God:

                    The Plague on Egypt                         Egyptian “god” Judged 

Plague #1         Waters/rivers made blood         gods of the waters – Hapi & NU

Plague #2         Plague of Frogs                           HEKI – protector against frogs

Plague #3         Plague of Lice                              SEB – protector against Lice

Plague #4         Swarms of Flies                           UATCHIT – God against Flies

Plague #5         Killed Bulls and Cows                 4 gods of livestock  property

Plague #6         Plague of Boils                              Deities of Healing & Epidemics

Plague #7         Heavy Hail                                     ISIS & SETH, NUT, SHU

Plague #8         Plague of Locusts                         SERAPIA protect from Locusts

Plague #9         Darkness for 3 days & night      RA the sun god

Plague #10       Killed all Egyptian 1st born        PHARAOH was considered a god who had Israelite                                                                                                                                babies to be killed


God’s Amazing Precision is shown everywhere. Often we think God is not paying attention, but He is always involved.  Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. – Galatians 6:7

None of us are perfect and please Him. Our very best is still filthy to God. We need a perfect advocate to plead our case in front of the Father God. Jesus is that Advocate – our perfect Savior. Trusting in Him is the only way to make our eternal home in Heaven and avoid the punishment in Hell we so richly deserve.