We are All Farmers, who all know how success is achieved in life.

As I reflect on my days, I begin to see How Success is achieved in life. It seems we are all farmers in one way or another. In effect some skills were planted when we were young. They were built upon daily through life until it came to great fruition when we fully mature. The order is Plant – Patience as it grows – Harvest.

In the spring a farmer prepares his field, fertilizes it, and plants it. Next comes patience as the plant grows. During this time he waits, occasionally weeding his fields as best he can, and waits preparing his machinery for the harvest. If he loses patience and harvests it too early, much of what he planted has its growth stunted, so the harvest is small. If he waits too long, the harvest is small as some rots in the field.

How Success is Achieved in our Lives

The farmer teaches his kids how to be rich successful farmers, by introducing them to work at an early age. More and more responsibility is given to the child. They are given pets then animals. Then they prepare the animals to show at the county fair and get paid $ as the animals are sold. The best animals get big prices so the child becomes motivated.

Slowly, more responsibility is given to the offspring until they are able to take over the entire farm. The habits they learned from their parents and others like pastors and teachers along the way, determine the success of their farming venture.

How Parental Guidance Worked in my Life

As a kid I was encouraged to feed and water my dog. Next, I was taught to clean up after the dog. Slowly, additionally responsibilities I HATED were added: wash the dishes; mow the lawn; shovel the snow; fight the bees, wasps, hornets as I picked up fallen fruit on the ground. Next, they demanded I get a paper route requiring me to arise every day at 5:00 a.m. with no days off ever. BUT I got paid big money!

Other things got added: I had to practice the piano, trumpet, and take my sister’s piano and clarinet lessons when she got sick. Dad made me learn trombone and saxophone too! I was forced to glaze windows and drywall and Perf-a-tape ceilings. My parents yelled at me to practice – PRACTICE! Once again, I hated it all!

But look how it has impacted my life. Today at 74 I’m at retirement age. I have a master’s degree in music, and able to earn extra income by teaching – READY? – – trombone, trumpet, and yes the hated piano and saxophone!

Preparing Your Child for Success

Upon graduation many youth go out to harvest the crop by purchasing fancy cars or clothing losing patience before their crop is fully grown, so their success is stunted requiring huge sacrifices in late years of life. I did it, how about you?

As a substitute teacher I wonder if parents know how success is achieved in life! In school the children are consumed playing with “fidget spinners” their parents bought; playing games on phones their parents bought; watching TV for hours their parents bought instead of reading, and instead of seeing the world, watching videos in the SUV their parents bought. All this while the parents are pursuing their own interests.

Our lives were farmed by our parents! Your children’s lives are being farmed by you! How are you doing?