The THEORY OF EVOLUTION – Making Organisms Better

Many have shortened “The Theory of Evolution” to just “Evolution” – making it appear as fact, forgetting it is still in the THEORY stage. This theory seems to have scientists split with large numbers of groups coming down on both sides of the issue.

In this world we have many “theories.” For example there was a theory that the reason the Chicago Cubs couldn’t win a World Series was that they didn’t have lights to play night games. Well, now they have lights, so what’s their excuse?

What’s a Theory

A “Theory” can be defined as “a supposition based upon ignorance of the subject under discussion.” A theory can become a scientific law when it has been verified by the Scientific Method. Below is the Scientific Method many of us learned back in High School.

The Scientific Method – by Galleo & Sir Francis Bacon

(Remember: The Scientific Method is nothing more than a system of rules to keep us from lying to each other. – Ken Norris)

  1. Recognize a question or a problem
  2. Make an educated guess (a hypothesis) to answer the question.
  3. Predict consequences that can be observed if the hypothesis isn’t correct.
  4. Do Experiments to see if predicted consequences are present.
  5. Formulate the simplest general rule that organizes the 3 ingredients (Hypothesis, Predicted Effect & Experimental Findings.)

Using this method we can examine every facet of the Theory of Evolution to determine its validity. (It is at Step #4 where “Evolutionists” get stuck. It is bad/faulty science to continue to #5 without the completion of #4!)

A.  Is The “Geologic Column” Found in Rock Strata Scientific Proof of the Earth’s Age?

The Geologic Column and Timetable

Era Period Epoch Mil Yrs Ago
Cenozoic Quaternary

Mesozoic Cretaceous
Paleozoic Permian
Pre-Cambrian 600+

Geologic Column Questions Worthy of Discussion to Verify its Accuracy

1.  Why doesn’t the entire “Geologic Column” exist anywhere in the world?  Why does the Grand Canyon, the largest, deepest cut in the Earth, include less than half of the “Column”? And the answer is  – – -?

2.  Glacier National Park has a block of Pre-Cambrian (600-million-year-old) limestone on top of a Cretaceous shale formation (135-million-years old).  It’s 350-miles long, 35 miles wide and 6-miles thick. How did it get there? And the answer is  – – – ?

3.  Why are fossils found in rock strata dating before they should have been alive or after they were extinct?

B.  Radioactive Dating – Is this a reliable and accurate method of determining age?

1.  Why have living snails been dated 2,300-years old by the Carbon-14 method? Why is wood taken from growing trees dated 10,000-years old? I’m just asking . . .

2.  200-yr old Hawaiian lava flows been dated up to 3-billion-years old by the Potassium-Argon method. Why?

C.   Does the Earth’s Rotational Speed Confirm an Ancient Earth? (This seems to be a fair question to ask.)

1.  Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing due to the gravitational drag forces from sun, moon, etc. If Earth is billions of years old, then the present rotation should be zero!  Why then is Earth’s speed at the equator 1,000 mph?

2.  The sea is becoming more salty yearly. The absolute maximum age of the seas would be 62 million years – NOT billions of years.

D.  Can Observing the Moon Provide Confirming Data?

1.   Our Moon is moving away from the Earth by 1-1/2” yearly. To determine when it arrived, divide the Moon’s distance from the earth (240,000 miles) by 1-1/2”. (Caution: If the moon is only 48,000 miles away, tides would cover continents twice a day.) If the Earth is truly billions of years old, then the Moon is much too close!

2.    Cosmic dust particles enter Earth’s atmosphere at an essentially constant rate, 14-million tons per year. If Earth is billions of years old, the meteoric dust should be 182-feet thick. Why, when the astronauts walked on the moon, was the dust only 1/8-inch thick? How could the moon be billions & billions of years old?

E. Can Physics Confirm the Theory of Evolution?

1.   The 2nd Law of ThermodynamicsLaw of Energy Decay (Entrophy)

Every system left to its own devices tends to move from order to disorder. If a brand new car was never driven or touched, it would disintegrate in just a few years. All living organisms eventually all return to dust – a state of complete disorder – otherwise when we dig in our backyards, we’d find skeletons of bugs and worms.

2.   The 1st Law of ThermodynamicsLaw of Energy Conservation

Energy can be converted from one form into another, but it can neither be created nor destroyed. How then could the earth and planets create themselves?

F.   Proof that Monkey Has Really Developed into Man?

Where are the Missing Links? It seems that every couple of years a new “hominid” is found by archeologists for the search for the missing link. All are eventually debunked.

1.  Nebraska Man – 1922 discovery.  It was the basis of the Scopes trial.  Years later, it was learned to be the tooth of an extinct pig. No such thing as Nebraska Man!

2.  Southwest Colorado Man – Just another tooth, but of a horse. No such thing as Southeast Colorado Man!

3.  Java Ape-Man – Discovered in 1891 by Dr. Eugene Dubois. Evidence studied by 24 European scientists: 10 said bones were from an ape; 7 said bones were man; 7 said they belonged to a missing link.  Dr. Dubois agreed that bones belonged to some type of gibbon. Another found in 1926 was knee bone of an extinct elephant.  If there is no such thing as Java Man, why is it still in science books?

4.  Piltdown Man – Discovered in 1912 at Piltdown, Sussex, England. Subject of over 500 doctoral dissertations. October 1956 proved a hoax. Ape jawbone filed down/discolored w/dichromate of potash. No link here!

5.  Neanderthal Man – From a cave near Dusseldorf, Germany.  He was crippled with osteo-arthritis and rickets. Other specimens were found to be fully human w/cranial capacity superior to modern man by 13%.

6.  Lucy – Discovered in Ethiopia from 1972-1977.  She did not walk  upright.  Kanopoi hominid and Castenedolo Man are dated older than “Lucy.” Couldn’t be a missing link because Man already existed.

7.  On June 1, 1968 William Meister found the fossils of several trilobites in the fossilized, sandaled footprint of a man. These animals were supposedly extinct about 230-million years before the appearance of man, according to the teachers of evolution. How did the trilobites get into the fossilized footprints?

8.  Why are man’s closest relatives the following: Milk Chemistry – Jackass; Cholesterol – Garter Snake; Foot Structure – Glacial Bear; Blood Serum – Chimpanzee; Blood Antigen “A” – Butter Bean?

G.  Do Number of People Alive Ratify the Theory of an Ancient Earth?

Evolution proponents state man has been on Earth for at least one-million years. At an average growth of only ½% per year (1/4 the current rate), the present Earth’s population would be reached in 4,000 years. If Earth was 1,000,000 years old, the population should be 10 followed by 2,100 zeros.  Where are all those missing people? I’m just askin’ . . .

H. Why are there absolutely no Missing Links between any Species?

The fruit fly has been bred by Biologists trying to eliminate them as a hazard to the U.S. fruit crop. For over 1,000 generations they were subjected to continual radiation. The result was  . . . still fruit flies!

Why are all species completely distinct?  Why does all our attempts to cross breed ALWAYS produce sterile (unable to reproduce) hybrids?

  • Horse  +   Donkey         =          Sterile Mule
  • Zebra  +   Horse            =          Sterile Zebronkey
  • Lion    +   Tiger             =          Sterile Liger

I.   One Final Question to Prove or Disprove The Theory of Evolution

So, using the Scientific Method! Let’s suppose when the astronauts landed on the moon they found a highly sophisticated computer system sitting among the rocks. Would it be reasonable and logical for them to conclude that it just happened to evolve through the fortuitous collisions of meteorites with local terrestrial rock formations?

FACT: There is just one GOD, creator of the Heavens and the Earth. The Bible is His instruction manual to give you a long, healthy and happy life. No one has ever disproved even one passage. Trust GOD!  HE LOVES YOU and still has a great plan for good in your life! HE, alone, will never leave you or forsake you!

For more interesting information, study The BIBLE!  For an excellent easy-to-read compilation (80+ cross references) also read THE COLLAPSE OF EVOLUTION by Scott M. Huse – published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (copyright 1983).