Need Advice – Not Opinion? Follow God! Don’t Phone a Friend! God’s Plan Always Works!

Many are in trouble/confused, wanting direction for their lives or just needing solid counsel! Whom should they turn? They ask friends and relatives, getting opinions. Then they guess or do nothing. Result? They get buffeted by circumstances. Instead they should follow God!

GOOD NEWS! There is someone who always has the right answer and delights in helping. The answer may not make sense, but if you follow His direction, it will arrive in time and you’ll learn it was right and exactly tailor-made for you!

Impossible Problems Solved by Perfect Answers

A– Brothers trying to kill you, sell you into slavery? You get thrown into prison and everyone forgets about you? Should you keep trusting God?

”Makes no sense,” but . . . he did it anyway and got promoted to the #2 man in Egypt AND saved the lives of his family and the nation of Israel.  (Joseph in Genesis 37-47)  Follow God! His plan always works!

B– You’re only an orphan girl of a hated group of people – all slated to die. You’re captured then chosen to marry the King. Now, you’re supposed to reveal the secret that you’re one of the hated people? (Book of Esther)

”Makes no sense,” but . . . she did it anyway. Her entire people were saved and became the most trusted administrators in the land. Follow God! His plan always works!

C– Young man told to reduce his 30,000 man army to 10,000, then to only 300, but defend against the attack of 3 huge armies! (Judges 6-7)

”Makes no sense,” but . . . he did it anyway! The armies were panicked by Gideon’s 300 and killed each other. The enemy wiped themselves out! Follow God! His plan always works!

Here’s a Question for You!

Need to make an important decision? Stop eating (spending your extra time praying); pray and wait for God’s answer. (Proverbs 3: 5-6 and Psalms 127:1 )

”Makes no sense,” but. . .  the answer always comes at the right time. Follow God! His plan always works!

These are examples of FAITH and TRUST. (There are hundreds more.) Without Faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. Why not put your Faith in Him? It may not make sense to you, but the answer will always come at the right time! 

Follow God! His plan always works!