Choose the Right Club to Join

You may wish to gain financial or prestige benefits provided by buyer’s groups, country clubs, service or military organizations of which you are not a member. Instead of logically comparing benefits, many make decisions based upon rumors or prejudice. Instead compare it to the Bargain Group of the Century.

Below are two different types of organizations contrasting the benefits of each along with their agendas.

Buying and/or Country Clubs      Bargain Group of the Century

Limited Membership                                       Unlimited Membership

Application Required                                       NO Application

Pay Initiation Fee                                             FREENO Initiation Fee

Pay Monthly/Yearly Dues                                FREENO Mnthly/Yrly Dues

Written Agreement w/rules                             Agreement to learn rules

Wait for acceptance                                          Instant acceptance

Limited Locations                                             Thousands of Locations

Some Media Ads                                              Some Media Ads

Word-of-mouth Ads                                         Word-of-mouth Ads

Makes a profit on You                                      No profit except yours

Limited Benefits                                                7,700 FREE Benefits includes

You Pay for partial discounts                         Safety, Preservation, Guidance                                                                                          Healing/Health Plan, Clear                                                                                                  Conscience, Peace of Mind

Don’t want to Join? Then don’t!                        Don’t want to Join? Then Don’t!

But you get no benefits!                                    But you get no benefits!

As you can tell, the groups in the first column are seldom free, have complicated rules, while offering some good benefits! However, the organization in the second column at no cost offers the bargain group of the century including 7,700 free benefits!

Requirements for the Bargain Group?

  1. Simply admit to God the wrongs you’ve done in your life.
  2. Ask forgiveness and desire to change your ways.
  3. Accept Jesus is the son of God and died for your sins, and you’ll follow Him all the days of your life.

    Congratulations, all the wrongs you’ve ever done in life are completely gone in the eyes of God! You have a new lease on life; to God you’ve never sinned. To Him you are a new creation. You are born again! You now have joined the bargain group of the century!

    – – end- –