If You Can Identify these Awards & Contests with the Sport, You will be Master of the Ultimate Sports Quiz!

Sure, almost everyone knows that gold statues are given to finest work in television and movies (Oscars & Emmys). But I challenge you to name these athletic contests and awards. How many can you properly identify to defeat the Ultimate Sports Quiz?

1-       The Breeder’s Cup
2-        Conn-Smythe Trophy

3-      The Butkus Award
4-      Cy Young Award
5-      Gold Glove
6-      The Golden Gloves
7-      The Little 500
8-      The Red River Rivalry
9-      Heisman Trophy
10-    World Cup
11-    The Stanley Cup
12-    America’s Cup
13-    The Sprint Cup
14-    Grey Cup
15-    The European Cup
16-    Ironman Award
17-    The Iditarod
18-    Banjo Bowl
19-    The Elite Eight/Sweet Sixteen
20-    Larry O’Brien Championship
21-    ASP World Championship
22-    WTBA Champion
23-    Indianapolis 500
24-    The Silver Skates
25-    Tour de France
26-    Harley J. Earl Trophy
27-    Vanier Cup
28-    Chuck Bednarik Award
29-    The Naismith Award
30-    The Major Championships
31-    MVP Award
32-    Heavy-weight Champion
33-    Frozen Four
34-    The Little Brown Jug
35-    Doak Walker Award
36-    The Grand Slam
37-    Old Oaken Bucket
38-    Hart Memorial Trophy

So, how did you do on the Ultimate Sports Quiz? How many correct did you get? You probably are feeling pretty smug, because you got almost everyone right. Therefore, below are a few to help you regain your humility. These will separate the “Men from the Boys.” (In case you are having a contest at work or school, you can use these to break a tie. Here are the “Sudden Death” tie breakers!)

A-      Name Horse Racing’s Triple Crown in time-of-year order.
B-      What are the parts of MLB’s Triple Crown?
C-      Name the Grand Slam Tournaments in time in year of order.
D-     Name the “Majors” (Championships) in order by date
E-      In what state was the term “March Madness” coined and first used?
F-      What were the Original 4 Bowl Games?
G-     What is the theme song for the Kentucky Derby?
H-     What is the theme song for the Preakness?
I-      What major TV network owns the rights to Racing’s Triple Crown?
J-      What is the official flower of The Kentucky Derby?
K-      What is the official flower for The Preakness?
L-     What is the official flower for The Belmont Stakes?

How did you do? To get the answers Email us at Jim@EverydayChristianFamily.com. I’ll send them as soon as possible.

(Oh by the way I posted quizzes for the basketball, football, baseball and hockey team names NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB as well.  To find these quizzes go to www.EverydayChristianFamily.com)

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