Review of Proverbs – Bible Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding

  • To avoid an angry husband, my buddy jumped out a window. Running for his life into thorn bushes he tripped and fell. Clothes ruined, he was scratched, battered and bruised. He could have benefited from being taught Bible Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.
  • Her boyfriend was almost perfect, treating her like a queen. But, he didn’t have a job and often seemed to smell like alcohol. When they married things got worse. She could have benefited from reading Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

Proverbs was written by King Solomon, regarded as the wisest person to ever live, and is found just after Psalms in the Bible. Every line of Proverbs is packed with Bible wisdom, knowledge and understanding. (Written for his sons, it’s applicable for people of all ages. Reading it, you’ll gain key Knowledge. Understanding is to know how and why it is important. Applying it to all your daily decisions is Wisdom.

This book teaches ALL who will listen what is right and wrong. You’ll learn that Wisdom is actually referred to as “she” and is the first thing God created. Key topics are below:

  • Sexual temptation outside of marriage – chapters 5-7 and 9
  • Foolish and costly mistakes – 41 verses in chapters 13-19
  • Work hard and smart or you’ll be poor
  • Description of a virtuous wife – chapter 31

Also learn about pride, gossip, discipline, self-control, co-signing legal documents, hermits, suing/being sued, discipline, and on and on.

Warning: The world is full of people who have lots of education, high intelligence, plus all the right information. They don’t put it together in the correct sequence, then properly act upon it to solve their problems (common sense). So, it’s important to study Proverbs with passion, making it a part of you life.

Ideas to Maximize Reading and Studying Proverbs:

  • Each of its 31 chapters can be read in 15 minutes on the corresponding day of the month – on the 16th day read the 16th chapter. (Now you always know which chapter to read!)
  • Obtain an easy-to-read copy of the Bible like the Holy Bible Text Edition NLT (Bible Nlt) (NLV) or The Everyday Life Bible: The Power of God’s Word for Everyday Living (NCV) version that you don’t mind writing in. (Like to read King James Version? You’ll need a big thick Dictionary to understand some words.)
  • Get different colored pens, pencils and/or pen-sized highlighters such as “Accent Markers” in blue, pink, yellow, green and orange.
  • Mark key sections in your Bible. Can’t mark in your Bible, then put it back on the shelf and get one you can mark in. (I highlight every good word or phrase in blue. The bad is highlighted in pink. Everything I’m supposed to do, I underline with a red pen. Marriage issues can be highlighted in orange. Money topics are perfect for the green highlighter, etc.)
  • Finally, write down all the good and positive words on a sheet of paper and all the negative or bad words on another page. I did this with my family at the dinner table with large easel paper. I left them attached to the walls for a couple of weeks, so my kids knew right from wrong.

There is no reason to repeat mistakes made by others. Choose your own method to learn from Proverbs, but make certain to thoroughly study this magnificent book and incorporate it into your life. Your mistakes in life will dramatically diminish, and you’ll be sought for your Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. After reading this book, you can check it off in the front of the Bible, then choose another short book to read, checking it off when you’ve read it.

Bible Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding Reading a Proverb a Day, Keeps the Foolishness Away!

Photo by Art4TheGlryOfGod