These 10 Must Read Books will Give Your Child A Huge Advantage in Life!

Most parents want their child to be a star pupil and get great grades. We concentrate on the critically important reading, writing and math. But there are missing educational components few schools teach. The 10 must read books will supply these components to help your child develop leadership qualities and succeed – beginning immediately!

There is a common misconception that schools are responsible for the education of our kids. Actually, it’s up to parents to educate their children, especially in character building:

  • self confidence
  • moral foundation
  • common sense
  • motivation
  • leadership
  • increased earnings potential

Schools just supplement our effort. Unfortunately, laws have been passed that limit what schools can teach, and these 10 must read books are frowned upon.

The “great” literature schools expose our children to concentrate on death, sadness, immoral conduct and fear. These include Romeo & Juliet, Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, The Glass Castle, etc. When discussing education Aristotle said“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” He seemed pretty smart, so maybe we should take his advice.

Having taught for 14 years, substituting for 10 more and raising 4 children, I’d prefer practical reading assignments designed build a child’s character and make them money. That’s  why I suggest these 10 must read books.

At one time U.S. students not only had homework, but extensive daily chores as well. Today for most, chores have been replaced by video games, music videos, social media and television. Christian parents can replace this wasted time, by encouraging reading of inexpensive, character-building books – then use terrific rewards as their kids read them. This will put your child light-years ahead of all other students. (Here’s an idea: During mealtime, instead of watching the Evening (bad) News, read a chapter of one of these encouraging books to your family.)

10 Must Read Books for Teenagers

Below is a suggested reading list with author and a short description. For a more complete synopsis, see the specific book reviews on this site. But when can these get read? Summer and holiday vacations are a terrific opportunity!

1The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play– Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas – This will help students memorize facts and figures quickly and permanently to enhance test scores and grades.

2-See You at the Top– Zig Ziglar – Build your child’s confidence and self esteem while protecting them from cruel school kids.

3- The Book Of Proverbs (from the Bible) – King Solomon – You say, “Reading takes too long?” Not here! Read the chapter corresponding to the day of the month. It will only take 5 minutes.    It will help kids avoid life’s pitfalls. Some subject matter is adult, but vital. At age 11 begin repeatedly reading and discussing the 31 chapters – one for each day of the month. I suggest easy-to-read/understand translations like New Living or New Century versions.

4- The One Minute Manager – Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson – This is a great short, easy-read introduction to managing others & psychology. The book reveals three secrets to productive and efficient managing of teachers and other students. It will lead to a higher income. (You might want to read it to protect yourself from being managed by your child.)

5- How To Win Friends and Influence People– Dale Carnegie – Help your child become a leader by teaching them how to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment!

6- The Hidden Persuaders – Vance Packard – Helps alert everyone to deceptive advertising, political half truths and the unscrupulous. Fascinating book explores use of consumer motivational research and other psychological techniques, including the subliminal to obtain your business.

7- The Purpose Driven Life What on Earth Am I Here For? – Rick Warren – New York Times #1 Best Seller will help your child understand why they are alive and help guide them to find God’s amazing plan for their life.

8- The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich – David Bach – A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich. This is a wonderful opportunity to put your child in a position to be a powerful giver to the cause of Christ.

9- Seeds of Greatness: 10 Best Kept Secrets of Total Success – Dr. Dennis Waitley – How to nurture the greatness within you.

10- The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley & William Danko – Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy

Bonus to Must Read Book List

Bonus #1: Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis – Adapted from a number of BBC radio programs during WWII, it has become a classic of Christian apologetics.

Bonus #2: Your Best Life Now (7 steps to living at your full potential) – Joel Osteen. Reading a chapter a day will keep anyone encouraged and guard against discouragement the world puts on all of us every day.

Bonus #3: Why We Buy (The Science of Shopping) – Paco Underhill – Heavily researched, it provides insight why people buy; how to make money while pleasing your customers. It is full of common sense.

Bonus #4: Beyond Basketball (Coach K’s Keywords for Success!) – Mike Krzyzewski – Duke’s famed basketball coach has wisdom for life with true stories of how excellence was built in real life.  This is a life-changing book filled with motivation for success in life.

That’s a great starting list. You may have other books that changed your life for the better. Don’t be afraid to encourage your child to read them as well. You may wish to have a private time of reading the books with them. Ensuing discussions will build family intimacy – a parent with a child would be awesome. It will also protect you from the psychology they learn!

Two Spiritual Books for Harry Potter Fans

If you have a child that just loves to read at at least a high school level here are two more recommendations. If they are interested the supernatural, they will be very excited with This Present Darkness, ISBN 0-89107-390-6  and its follow up Piercing the Darkness, ISBN  0-89107-527-5 both written by Frank Peretti – Crossway Books. These two books will open the eyes of the reader to the real spiritual battle between demons and the angels, who protect you. I was so engrossed while reading these books, much of the time I was standing.

Now is the time to begin making a difference in your child’s life with  these 10 must read books. I suggest giving them a memorable reward. This can be an activity they’d love – a dinner, clothing, movie, sundae, IPOD or whatever you’d like to offer. They WILL remember the time spent with you.


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