Who Is Mr Edwards?

IMG_8872This website contains topics on raising successful Christian families using common biblical sense in every aspect of life. It involves protecting while helping children understand and use common courtesies, good personal hygiene and other key topics not typically taught in schools.

Diane and Jim Edwards have been married since 1974 and Bible believing Christians for over 35 years. They have raised 4 well-rounded, married and respected children. Along with their spouses each is actively and significantly involved in ministry as are Jim and Diane.

Diane’s heart, although a licensed Cosmetologist and Face-lift Message Specialist, has been to invest her time raising children, since both her parents worked when she was young. She wanted to be available to help with school work, provide Godly advice, observe their progress closely, and pray for each, while welcoming them with home-made cookies and a solid family life. Diane has been involved with the church’s bookstore ministry for over 20 years.

Mr. Edwards has authored numerous articles, developed 2 extensive pamphlet series and written brochures as well as numerous sales training documents. He earned an education degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and Master Degree in performance from Northern Illinois University with post-graduate studies in strategic marketing and product planning. He is a frequent volunteer with organizations that rebuild homes, businesses and lives ravaged by disasters like war, hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. After becoming a Deacon and community leader, Jim worked as many as 4 positions at a time to finance the family’s needs. His work experience includes over 10-years each as Entrepreneur, Master Teacher, Professional Musician, Sales/Marketing/Product Manager, Marketing Consultant as well as retail sales in shoes, electronics and autos.

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