Bible “GOT IT!” A Competitive Action Game!

Fun  –  Competitive  –   Scripture Teaching Tool for 

  • Youth Groups  –  Christian Schools  –  Sunday School Lessons 
  • Family-time Fun  –  New Believer’s Classes

 Players Race to Locate Bible Verses from 110+ Powerful, Life-changing Scriptures

How to Play “Bible GOT IT!”                                     

– On Your Mark!

All players must have a bound Bible; then pass out O.T. & N.T, Book Locator Cards, then all repeat “I’m Quick! I’m Sharp! I’m Bright! I’m Smart! I’m Rich and Good Lookin’; and a Major Blessing!” Finally, point to another person and say – “That’s also about you! 


  • Place Red (O.T.) or Blue (N.T.) Cards Face Down 
  • Roll the Dice (keeps cards random)
  • Add same number of cards to discard pile

– GO!

  • Turn over next card and announce it
  • Players race to find the scripture
  • When each finds it, they say “Got It!”
  • Winner reads scripture & gets a reward
  • Once player wins 5 times, writes name in the Champion’s Log!

Bible “Got It!”

 6 Included Bonus Resources for Leaders and Teachers

  • 9 Question Quiz – “Are you Smarter than Most of  the World’s Population?  
  • “I Can’t Believe It’s in the Bible!”  (21 little known facts including Godzilla.) 
  • “A Guide to Famous & Fun Bible Stories” 
  • “You can know if it’s God or Your Ultimate Enemy” 
  • “Quick Theme Guide to the Old and New Testaments” 
  • “A 10-minute Read to Prosper Your Life  – Synopsis of the Bible that includes 300+ footnotes

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