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You Cannot Negotiate With God

You Cannot Negotiate with God Maybe it would be better to say, you should not try to negotiate, because you will never get the positive result you had been seeking! The Lord of Hosts says; “I am the Lord, I do not change;” –...

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Your Owner’s Manual

Thousands of Benefits Stolen from You Cars, Appliances, and Computers have owner’s manuals. If you don’t pay attention to the owner’s manual you eventually can have failures at the worst possible times. Same with your owner’s...

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4 Steps to Receiving Anything You Need We probably have all heard someone say, “I wish I had a ____________.” But wishing won’t get you anything truly valuable. Asking God properly WILL! ANYTHING YOU NEED? Yes! ANYTHING!...

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Escape from Egypt

GOD knew Pharaoh couldn’t be trusted, for he repeatedly broke his promises to free God’s people. He’d eventually send his fully-equipped army on the Gaza land bridge, to kill or capture the Israelites. So, HE had Moses lead the Israelites east into a seeming trap at the Red Sea. Yes, it was a trap, but for Pharaoh’s army!

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