Consider the Perspective of the Lowly Worm

After the night’s spring thunderstorm, I took my usual walk. Littering the ground were hundreds of worms. Yech! Most people ignore those icky, squirmy, slimy little creatures. However, as I observed their behavior, I considered how they mimic our daily predicaments.

Since it was early, few cars were on the streets; birds hadn’t arrived for breakfast, and the drying sun had not yet arisen. Only a foot away from the rich soil and safety, almost all were headed in the wrong direction. With no perspectives they were just moments away from disaster.

I nicknamed one worm Speedy. He was rushing from the edge to the very center of a 35-foot-wide street. Speedy was making great time but headed in a direction that would spell disaster. Just a centimeter from the dirt, he was doing what he thought was right. Nevertheless . . . he lacked my perspective.

Another, Melvin, was making good time on the street but parallel to the grass’s edge. He was really getting somewhere. However, every time he started up the gently sloping curb, he gave up 2 inches from salvation and the rich life-giving soil.  Again, no perspective!

I decided to try to rescue some, but they writhed and fought to stay in their hopeless situations. They did not want to be touched or helped! Some struggled so hard; I quit trying to rescue them. Fortunately some were just tired and couldn’t resist my help any longer. I was able to scoop them up and place them gently onto moist fertile soil, giving them a second chance at life.

Obviously I am thousands of times more advanced, taller and wiser, with greater perspectives than any worm. Heck, I can see for blocks in every direction. The worms need to relax and allow me to help! Sadly, they didn’t trust me. They’d struggle to free themselves as if I was like the birds, insect, or animal who try to kill them.

How is Your Perspective?

Consider this: Contrasting my superiority over the worm, to GOD’S superiority in intellect, perspectives, and motives over mine, it is infinitely higher and purer. To GOD our dilemmas are a lot like our view of the lowly worm. We feel our direction is best, but our problems are so near, we can’t see any logical solution, except to continue to struggle onward.

As lower life forms we lack GOD’s stature and perspective. Without HIS perspective – we have NO hope in life – just a struggle! However, if we accept HIS guidance, provided in the Bible, we can escape the hopeless situations faced daily – IF we relax, listen and obey HIM!

HIS thoughts are higher than our thoughts. HIS ways are higher than our ways. We may “think” we’re going the right way (making sense to us); nonetheless we lack HIS perspectives. Like the worm, we can’t see the larger picture. We only see a tiny piece of the puzzle.

God is so much better a Father than I was to those worms and infinitely greater. HE reaches down into our slimy thoughts, actions, and deeds rescuing us from certain peril. HE sees ALL our problems and has ALL the perfect answers.

Why not seek God today? RELAX and stop struggling!  Ask HIM to guide you. HE will only lead you into places where you can thrive. HE will reward you in ways you can’t even imagine, including protection, wisdom, happiness, health, long-life, AND . . . Perspective!

Photo by OiMax