Why Give Presents Willingly? It’s a Key to Getting Rich

There is a little known principle – seldom (if ever) taught in school – vital in life to helping everyone succeed. This is a common-sense principle every farmer knowsplanting and harvesting! Also known as sowing and reaping, it involves the following:

  • Planting a seed in good soil at the right time (of the year)
  • Watering the area where it is planted
  • Guarding it from all invaders including insects, weeds (kids in dune buggies) etc.
  • And waiting patiently (for weeks, months and even years)

Eventually, if the farmer is patient, diligent in the above and consistent in his approach, a plant will grow, providing fruit, vegetables or other valuable commodities. This always works and never fails. Just like gravity it always works. It’s the key to getting rich!

For each kernel of corn planted, a farmer gets back 3-4 ears of corn. On each ear of corn there are at least 12 rows totaling 600-800 kernels. So the farmer gets back 1800-3200 times what he planted in the ground. (That’s a pretty nice return on investment.) Notice, he gets more back of what he planted: corn for corn kernels, grapes for grape seeds and apples for apple seeds. He never gets back grapes when he plants corn, etc. He gets back in kind exactly what he plants.

In our lives we also get back what we plant! When we show love to people, we get back exactly what we planted – IF we are careful to use the same principles of planting mentioned above:

  • Giving to the right person
  • Consistent attention
  • Protecting our relationships from hard feelings, selfishness and bad influences
  • and waiting patiently

Notice farmers don’t know which of the seeds will grow into healthy plants, so they plant lots of seeds. Farmers are always looking for more fertile land to plant! Therefore, farmers plantt as many seeds as they have room for on their property. He also invests in – as much big machinery as he can afford to harvest the crop he knows will come in.

Also notice the farmer doesn’t grudgingly plant the kernels, saying “I could have eaten this seed, but nooooooo. I had to plant it. That stinking farm is stealing my seeds.” That’s ridiculous! He plants with expectation, hoping it will produce 1800-3200 times the investment. (Heck, even a drug dealer knows to give a little product away to eventually make more profit.)

In our lives none of us knows which seeds planted will produce great and loyal relationships. However, planting and harvesting always works! If we plant good with others, we’ll get back good – 1800-3200 times what we plant. But if we plant anger and bitterness with others, guess what we’ll get back? Yep, anger and bitterness – in huge amounts.

I urge you to consider freely giving genuine concern, smiles, happiness and love to others (patiently) – regardless of who they are. You’ll eventually be delighted with the results.

True concern is patient; kind; endures wrongs done to us; doesn’t envy, show off, brag – Isn’t rude or only concerned about ourselves – Isn’t happy to see wrongs done to others, but is happy to see and hear truth; it tolerates all things and believes in everyone’s good without weakening.

Therefore, I recommend giving good, concern and love to others. If someone has never given to you, give to them anyway, never expecting anything back. However, I promise you, you’ll get an amazing harvest if you are patient!

The key to getting rich? Give gifts to others in need– EVEN THOSE WHO DON’T DESERVE THEM – you WILL get a mighty return on your investment if you follow the common sense principles of planting and harvesting – aka reaping and sowing!