Competitive Selling – Successful B-2-B Selling Technique Manual –  by Landy Chase

The nation’s wealthiest 700 people fall into one of the following categories: business owners, doctors, lawyers and salespeople! Punctuated with stories, Landy identifies dominant predators as those who consistently win business at higher prices against all competition and earn 80% of the money. Want to enter that group? The information is this book: Competitive Selling.

Oh, do I wish this information had been available when I started my sales career! However, I’m implementing it now! Throughout, Landy shows 60+ Predator Points (thoughts and ideas used by dominant predators) that you can implement now!

Predator Point – Private Information is the key to separating your value proposition from your competitors, and winning the sale!

Predator Point – Losing business to competitors is a correctable skill problem!

Are you a B-2-B (business-to-business) salesperson? You’ve got to read and implement Landy Chase’s Competitive Selling, published 2010 by McGraw Hill. His techniques provide “winning tools and techniques for closing – because Every Sale is a Battle.” You’ll learn to “Out–Plan; Out–Think; Out-Sell to Win (almost) Every Time!” It’s the best book on the subject I’ve ever read.

Predator Point – A request to negotiate lets you know that you are the vendor of choice!

Key Teachings

  • How to remove competitors from consideration
  • How to outmaneuver competition
  • How to obtain Private Information unavailable to the competition
  • How to Gain Access to the Inner Circle (decision makers)
  • How to identify Inner Circle role players to get the prospect what he needs including Trigger – Mole – Spock – New Sheriff – Judas – Pouncer – Sniper – Lap Dog – Spineless Wimp – Whine Enthusiast – Lockhorns
  • Deadly traps to avoid
  • Fallback strategies
  • How to negotiate for greater profit
  • How to sell your competitor’s customers


Predator Point – Gaining access to the inner circle improves your chances of success 500%

Solid Sales Tools

  • Predator Points
  • Designing and using Biography Sheets
  • PITs Worksheet (Private Information Topics)
  • Suite-of-Solutions Wheel
  • Key Items to Consider List
  • Proper way to present Price Quotation

Predator Point – Never produce contracts or other paperwork during the closing process. All documents are post-decision, and follow the “thank you” or handshake.

Attention: . Don’t forget to implement it! Then, get set to revolutionize your income and career by learning and implementing these techniques!

Photo by PinkMoose