Small Sin Ruined a Family and Nation

This lesson from II Samuel shows how a small “thought” sin ruined a family, spread death and eventually broke-up a nation.

King David had many wives and therefore many children. One son was named Amnon. He didn’t pay attention to God, but his eyes lusted after flesh. In particular he lusted and obsessed over Tamar, the beautiful virgin daughter of another of King David’s wives.

The lust was so great, Amnon couldn’t eat or think of anything but his half-sister Tamar’s beauty. The next step in this sad chain of events was Amnon plotted how he could have sex with her. Tricking even his father mighty King David, Amnon got her alone to rape her. She pleaded with him to marry her, but he wouldn’t stop. This rape led to his total rejection and bitter hatred of her.

Evil leads to more Evil

Now disgraced and probably no longer marriage material, Tamar told her (full) brother Absalom. King David was also was angered by Amnon’s action. Now obsessed with his sister’s rape, Absalom plotted even against King David for 2 full years, and eventually murdered Amnon. Fearing retribution, Absalom escaped to another city for 3 years, now separating himself from his family.

The lust of the eyes led to rape, then murder and now the family was torn apart. Absalom finally returned to Jerusalem, but was ostracized, so started plotting against his father, King David by successfully stealing the hearts of the men of Israel. King David learned of the plot and fled before he could be killed, thus escaping the rebellion.

Absalom’s chief advisor, a priest, urged him to immediately sleep with and violate King David’s concubines, to show Absalom was now the new king. He also advised Absalom to chase and kill King David while he was weak, but lost Absalom’s confidence. He thus became disgraced so, went home and committed suicide. Another family ruined and more death.

Small Sin leads to many Deaths

A great battle ensued between King David’s warriors and Absalom’s men in which 20,000 were killed. At last Absalom was also killed. Now strife continued as King David regained the throne.  Next, King David’s violated concubines were shut up in seclusion and lived the rest of their lives in widowhood. More lives ruined.


This lesson from II Samuel can teach all of us the cost of just our little wayward thoughts! As the son of the King, Amnon could have had any of the women in the kingdom including Tamar, as his wives, plus riches and honor. But the “simple lust of his eyes,” cost him his life, ruined King David’s family, cost the lives of over 20,000 warriors and devastated their families!

Guard your eyes and your mind from the lust of the eyes and of the flesh. Keep your eyes stayed on God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. God has a wonderful plan for your life! Don’t mess it up. How you live your life will echo through eternity and will have a positive or negative effect on the lives of many others. You are a difference maker . . . for good or evil.


Photo by binababy123