Are you Aware God Sends you Protection through the Holy Spirit?

Ponder for a moment the things you have built and created in your lifetime. Don’t you take exquisite care of all the valuable things you built, bought or created? You pay attention to every little sign of trouble to everything valuable: diamond, auto, electronic devices, shrubs, shoes or whatever. Then you take whatever necessary action you must to keep it in great condition. GOD does the same and much more to everything in HIS creation! To help you God gave His word in the Bible and the Holy Spirit who speaks to you.

Sadly, we know sin entered the world through Adam, Eve and the serpent. Conditions eventually got so bad that he just decided to end the human race with a gigantic flood. But He relented and saved one man and his family. The rest is history or you might say “HIS STORY!”

Ooooh! Dead Animals in the Street! Doesn’t God Care About Them?

On my morning walk I was thinking how GOD created and was continually paying attention to everything including every blade of grass, dandelion and little bird – making certain each is adequately cared and provided for. Then I noticed a rabbit lying dead in the middle of the street, obviously hit by a car. How can OUR FATHER allow all the bad things to happen to animals and as a matter of fact – how can he allow them to happen to people?

Does GOD care about the little bunny lying in the street? Absolutely! So why didn’t HE warn it not to run into the street? Answer: HE created the rabbit with a body and a soul (mind, will and emotions). HE gave it this intelligence to know what to do in every situation, but doesn’t have any direct communication with it. The rabbit made its best judgment, but made a tragic mistake, costing it its life.

What’s the difference between Man and an animal?

Whereas animals were created with 2 parts, humans were created with 3; a body, a soul (mind, will and emotions) and third a spirit which allows us to have direct communication with GOD – the creator of the Universe! So, what is this spirit?

Your spirit is deep inside your heart.  Some call it a “feeling” – others call it your “conscience.” You may have heard people say; “I have a bad feeling about this;” or “don’t you have a conscience?” GOD keeps in contact with you through your spirit. Although GOD warns us through our spirits, most pay no attention to it, making us like that rabbit. We make our own best judgment – not understanding the consequences to our actions. Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio sang the song “give a little whistle” and always let your conscience be your guide.

If my spirit can keep me from harm, why hasn’t anyone told me about it? Answer: Finally I am! He wanted you to know earlier, but someone prevented you from the truth. Not only are we 3 parts (body, soul and spirit), but so is GOD. HE also has 3 parts (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). God the Holy Spirit is who is in direct contact with our spirits providing us constant 2-way communication with HIM – if we pay attention to our (inner) spirits. (God never talks to our minds – that’s the devil, He talks to our spirits!)

Satan talks to the head, The Holy Spirit speaks to the Heart (in the chest)

While living in South Bend, Indiana a man thought he heard God speaking to him, telling him to get as fast as he could to a shopping mall on the south side of the city. He wasn’t supposed to let anything stop him. Well, he did as he was instructed, hitting 5 cars on the way and driving like a crazy man. He was met there by the pursuing police. He thought he heard the audible voice of God, but he was fooled! The Holy Spirit speaks to you heart and you’d get a weird feeling in your heart as a warning not to do something.

The Helper is the Holy Spirit

When JESUS (the SON) was about to be killed for everything we do wrong, HIS disciples were worried about how they could continue life. So, JESUS said to them . . . the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you – John 14:26. How does HE help you remember? It is through your spirit.

God sent you HIS word (the Bible) to teach you. HE brought HIS SON to die for everything you’ve ever done wrong. And HE sent the HOLY SPIRIT to speak wisdom into your spirit to help you do the best thing for you and others as well as keep you out of trouble!

Question for US! Are we going to pray, seek GOD’s help, then listen to the HOLY SPIRIT’s guidance through our spirit, or are we better off forgetting all about our spirit making us like the Rabbit lying dead in the street? Remember: For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God – Romans 8:14. Choose, today to follow peace from the Holy Spirit speaking to your spirit. It will never conflict with the word of GOD – the Bible!

Photo by anarchosyn