Desolate photo Better Listen to Your Wise Advisor

A cautionary tale of how a poor boy became a famous industrialist and incredibly rich and popular, then lost everything, going completely broke when he stopped listening to his Wise Advisor.

A boy grew up in a nice home, but his wealthy parents stopped loving him. They were only interested in making more money, fame, joining country clubs, organizations and getting awards. If their children did anything to embarrass them, the parents stopped loving them and beat them until the rules were followed. The only friend the boy seemed to have was an incredibly Wise Advisor.

At the advice of the Wise Advisor, the boy left home, moving across a large lake from his parents. Life was harsh, but with the steady advice of his Wise Advisor, he grew into an amazing young teen. His parents continued to prosper losing track of their son while he continued to grow into a wise hardworking youth.

The youth started a company. Others with similar backgrounds joined together listening carefully to the same Wise Advisor. All worked together listening to the incredibly Wise Advisor. They prospered. His parents and others tried to steal his business, but the Wise Advisor, gave him winning strategies. Tough times came, but the Wise Advisor gave everyone in the company strategies and direction how to overcome them all. The youth became rich as the company grew rapidly becoming incredibly strong, but as the company grew, it attracted lots of employees with divergent opinions and philosophies.

Man Becomes Rich as Company Prospers

The man became rich and famous and his original partners aged. Some of his employees which he called partners, started concentrating on their own welfare and listening increasingly to other advisors. They embezzled and built themselves strong followers as the company made them rich and powerful. They no longer paid attention to the young man’s Wise Advisor. In fact they began to ridicule His ideas. But because the company was built on the principles given by Him, it continued to grow and prosper.

The once beautiful company was quickly rotting and losing money. They had to borrow an incredible amount from competitors, which made their competitors strong and wealthy. Company opinions became rampant with all blaming opposing factions instead of returning to the Wise Advisor’s directions.

The company seemed solid, but was tremendously in debt, weaken by the competition, morally bankrupt, lost battles, rotted from the inside and run by those who spent their entire time finding ways to enrich themselves. Most all the employees just came to work with only 1 thing in mind; make money and finish the work day so they could leave to indulge themselves on wasteful pursuits.

This is a Parable

What happened to the company? I don’t yet know. For this is a parable of the United States. The young man is the Founding Fathers and other refugees from oppression. The incredibly Wise Advisor is God. The embezzlers are the Congress, bankers, universities and super rich. Wasteful pursuits are gambling, professional sports, Hollywood, etc. The self-indulgent employees are us – The American people.

Will the people ever again listen to the Wise Advisor? If they don’t, Disaster awaits them!