Sowing and Reaping is Planting and Harvesting. Here’s How to Get Rich!

Years ago, most kids were raised on farms, so understood how crops grow. Today, most get food from supermarkets, so can’t connect with the concept of sowing (planting) and harvesting (picking fruits and vegetables. “Sowing and reaping” doesn’t just work for crops, but works in your life as well. What you plant in your life is what you’ll receive in greater amounts.

To help connect planting and harvesting with your life, imagine planting (sowing) a kernel of corn in good soil at the right time of the year to get the right amount of sunlight and proper temperatures. Next, water, fertilize and guard it against insects, animals and weeds. With patience you’d get a stalk of corn that could be 7-9 feet tall. On that stalk you’ll probably get 3-4 ears with 600-800 kernels on each.

Wow! That’s multiplication; 1 kernel produces 1800-3200 kernels! The more you plant – the greater your harvest. Just like the scientific laws of gravity, thrust and lift (all used by airplanes), and God’s law of sowing and reaping (planting and harvesting) works every time and in every situation!

Next, consider an apple seed. If planted with the same care as the kernel, you’d get a small tree after a year. Over the next several years no fruit may appear. However, eventually it will produce a tremendous crop that can be harvested year after year after year after year.

Question: If you plant corn can you ever get grapes, cranberries or tomatoes? No, no, NO! You’ll only get what you plant! AND the size of your harvest will be directly related to how you assist the plant’s growth coupled with patience. The point is: you’ll always get more of whatever you plant!

Sowing and reaping always works! What you plant in your life is what you’ll eventually get back in greater amounts! Example. If I (as a teacher) told a classroom full of students how much I hated them. (I sowed or planted hatred.) What should I expect to get back? Not only would multiple students hate me, but they’d tell their friends, who’d also hate me. Yes, I sowed, hatred and will reap – lots more hatred!

In an earlier article I explained the need to protect your mind from inconsiderate comments by repeating the truth about yourself ( This is planting and caring for positive seeds in your life. Remember to continue saying:

I’m Quick! I’m Sharp! I’m Bright! I’m Smart!

I’m Rich, Good Lookin’ and a Major Blessing!

On the worst day of your life – times when your best friend deserts you; when you have a huge “zit” in the middle of your forehead looking like a 3rd eye; when people are mean; when life seems horrible, just  brush off the negativity, and don’t allow the weeds to take “root!” You must daily protect your thoughts by “weeding” out the garbage others try to plant in your life to choke out your life’s harvest!

Suppose after you’ve planted a kernel of corn, the little kid next door asks, “Whatcha plantin’? It looks like a ‘tomater’ plant. Yep, that’s exactly what it is!” Even after you tell him it’s corn, he insists it’s a ‘tomater’ plant. What should you do?  You know you’ve been watering, fertilizing, protecting and watching over your corn. Just disregard his opinion. It is of little value. You WILL harvest corn!

Likewise, what if the same kid calls you hateful words like idiot, loser, ugly and other negative things? If you’ve been taking great care of your mind and actions, watering and fertilizing them, you’ll know it isn’t true. Just disregard the negative! That person doesn’t know what you’ve been growing. Continue to do and say positive things in your life.

Question: What actions and attitudes are you planting in your life? Are they good for everyone, or are you planting lemons, anger, negativity and hoping to get apples, popularity and friendship? Shouldn’t we all be planting encouragement, happiness and hope in others’ lives? What you sow (good or bad) – you WILL eventually reap many times over!

Photo by Muffet