Connect the Dots, Jr. as God Orders Our Steps!

God ordered my steps as I began teaching Junior High School Choir in the late 60s, I learned that a Master of Music degree was necessary if I was ever going to teach the more mature voices found in Senior High Schools. Not able to sing well enough to get a vocal degree, I decided to major in Bass Trombone. Since I wasn’t crazy about sitting alone in a room practicing 3 hours every day, I got a job as an entertainer and trombone player in a banjo nightclub, “Your Father’s Mustache” in Chicago’s nightclub district known as Rush Street.

“Your Father’s Mustache” had clubs in 13 cities including New York’s Greenwich Village. One day the corporate owner asked me to play a weekend in New York, allowing me to work with Ronnie Beisel, a legend in banjo circles. He was not only a fine banjo player, but a great entertainer with “killer” good looks, who also assembled dozens of song medleys. These were the standards for all the clubs. (I remember little about the weekend but that I played 13 hours and my lip was so swollen that I couldn’t play trombone for nearly a week!) But God was ordering my steps!

30 Years Later

Eventually, the “Mustache” banjo clubs closed; I received my degree; no longer taught school; and stopped wasting my body on late hours, booze, women, etc. Now  married with children, I became a Marketing Manager for a commercial sound manufacturer. I traveled to various cities, working to promote our line of products with local Independent Sales Representatives.

On a trip to Nashville one week, I worked with Mick, a young, hard-working, highly-respected Rep in the recording business. As we got better acquainted between various dealer sales presentations, Mick asked me about my background as a musician. When I mentioned “Your Father’s Mustache” he got all excited.

The “Mustache” Connection

It turned out that Mick Beisel’s Dad was the same Ron (Ronnie) Beisel that I performed with in the New York banjo club. Ron went on to a career as the owner of a club in Atlanta.

Mick loved the music and played (bass) with his Dad. He related his Dad had originally gone to New York to tryout as a place kicker for the NFL New York Giants professional football team. Although he didn’t make the team, he did learn to play the banjo, getting a job at the “Mustache” and the rest is history.

Mick told me his father eventually got divorced and married two more times. While in his 3rd marriage, as a sickly and spent man, his wife told him not only did God love Him, but forgave Him! Ron threw himself totally into God’s grace, accepted forgiveness through Jesus, telling Mick how wonderful God was. Ron died happy, going to the home Christ had prepared for him in Heaven.

Why God Orders Our Steps

The day ended as did our conversation. I retired to a motel. However, early in the morning, God awakened me to gave me this vision to share with Mick.

I saw Ron standing at the end of a long trail by the entrance of a beautifully plain looking building. He was happy, smiling and waving to his son, Mick, calling out; “This is the way! Come this way!” My view moved away from Mick to see the entire area. However, rapidly buildings went up. Everywhere distracting flashing lights, large roads, streetlights, were erected making it difficult to keep one’s eyes on Ron, who was continuing to stand and wave to his son. The entire scene of the casino-looking buildings was so compelling, that Ron was drowned out. But, he continued to wave to his son and call out the same message.

The next morning I greatly encouraged Mick as I told him of my vision. It is interesting how God always connects the dots! He had someone pray for a self-absorbed trombone player named Jim would get saved, so I’d honor Ron’s prayer to remind Ron’s son Mick about the goodness of God, all before Ron was even saved! It boggles the imagination! Wow!

Not too long afterward, my company was sold. The new owner didn’t keep the management team of which I was a part and I lost track of Mick. But, I do know these three things: Mick will continue to be successful; his Dad’s voice continues calling to us the same message; and God still loves us all more than we can ever say.

The Plan

God still has a great plan for Mick, for me and for YOU! Ron is still standing at the end of the path calling out to everyone who will hear; “This is the way! Come this way!” By reading this post God continues to direct our steps.

To receive what God has for you, all you have to do is say; “Lord God, I have lived my life like I wanted, but haven’t done a good job. Please forgive me for all the rotten things I have done in my life! I place myself in your hands! Send your son Jesus into my life. Lead me and guide me into the right path. Help me to find all the good that you have always wanted for me. Amen.“ God will do it because, He is faithful!

God will never leave or forsake those who love Him and His Son.

Photo by beereal