Deliverance from Years of Abuse – A Lady’s Testimony

I  met a young mother several years ago when helping her family move to a new home. Never without a smile on her face, her story of deliverance from abuse is riveting and will be an encouragement to you.

No matter how difficult your life has been, you can be victorious through Christ who strengthens you. Get to know Jesus and he’ll help you turn your life completely around. Remember, it’s not how you start life – but how you finish!

Here’s her testimony of Deliverance:

“I watch as each scene from my life plays before me.  Every clip is a flash of light.  Like a documentary, they tell story of my life.  These are my memories.  Yet, as I watch them, I do not feel pain or anger.  The liquid love of Jesus has seeped into, and healed every crevasse of my once broken heart.

A smoke filled room

About 20 hippies are crammed into our living room.  I hear the words, peace, love, and screw the government.  My lungs are burning as I take a toke of the joint a man has just handed me.  The upside down American flag hanging on our wall begins to dance and blur.  My mother passes me a joint.  I try to breathe in the smoke but start to cough, then I feel the sting of her slap across my face as she screams, “You’ve just wasted my good dope!”   I am six…


Now I am three.  I look between my legs and can tell that I’ve been broken.  As I watch this clip it becomes too fuzzy to see.

(God has a way of protecting us from some memories)


I wake up unable to breath.  I open my eyes and see my mother’s face inches from mine.  Her cold hands are tightly squeezing my neck.  I struggle to free myself.  Finally she lets go.  As I gasp for air she quietly explains, “You’ll stop wetting your bed if I do this to you.”  She is right, now when I am about to wet the bed I feel like I can’t breathe, wake up, then run to the bathroom.

She has lifted me by my hair and is banging my head against the wall.  I am not crying – only waiting for it to end.

The flashes keep coming.  I feel exhausted as each memory is played.  But then something starts to change.

I now am seven and have just wondered into a small white church, across the alley from where we are living.  My feet are bare and as tough as leather.  My brown hair a dirty tangled mess.

The people are smiling at me and asking if I am there for Sunday school.  I don’t know.  They direct me to a room filled with singing and laughter.  I take my place in a circle of children and find myself singing with them.  I love this place!

Later in the week I am knocking at the door of the small white church.  A kind man answers and tells me to come back on Sunday.  I don’t know when that is, so I come everyday.  The man says they are praying for me.  I don’t know what that means.

Finally . . . The flashes stop.

Now I understand….

When the people at that small white church started to pray, God was able to move in my life.

Shortly after stepping into that Church we went to visit my Grandparent’s in Saint Louis.  They, along with the help of my older sister that had been raised by them, were able to get a judge to order my mother out of my life.

At the age of eight I became a ward of the court. For years I had nightmares and would wake up screaming. But then look around and realize that no matter where I was living at the time, I was safe.  My mother could not touch me.

At the age of ten a lady started taking me to a spirit filled prayer meeting that reminded me of the little white church.  It was at one of these meetings that I asked Jesus into my heart and got filled with the Holy Spirit.  I remember what I used to describe as, “The empty yuck feeling inside me” going away, and a feeling of joy and peace taking its place.  This is when I started to heal!

35 Years Later

I am now married to a hardworking Christian man that loves me with his whole heart. Together we have been blessed with two children that have grown up knowing Jesus.  When I look at them I realize how much God has done in my life!

I have seen my Mother twice since I was taken from her.  Although she has never apologized, I have forgiven her.  I choose not to have her as a part of my life, or the lives of my children.  I have come to understand that forgiveness does not mean you have to let that person back into your life.  Sometimes we must use wisdom.

My Mother still calls herself a hippie.  She continues to take drugs and is often homeless.  When she writes, her letters are very unconnected and hard to understand.  Sometimes these letters are full of hate and rage.

But I have forgiven her.  And I know this because…

When I pray for my Mother I want what is good.  I know that God loves her! I also know that she is the way she is, not only because of her choices, but because of  her own painful childhood.

God healed the broken little girl within me.  The broken little girl within my mother never healed.  I know that God wants to heal her.  But he can only do this if she gives her heart and life to him.

Although she is now in her 70’s, I believe it is not too late! Because….WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!”

Anyone can have Deliverance from Years of Abuse. Just put your trust in Jesus and all things will become new in your life! Try it! What do you have to lose except the misery you have felt!


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