4 Steps to Receiving Anything You Need

We probably have all heard someone say, “I wish I had a ____________.” But wishing won’t get you anything truly valuable. Asking God properly WILL! ANYTHING YOU NEED? Yes! ANYTHING! Maybe you are sick, poor, in danger, or made a giant mistake, etc. You can get what you NEED! IF…: So, here are the 4 Steps to Receiving Anything You Need (not want) from God.


What if a total stranger walks up to you and says, “Give me $50 to pay off a gambling debt.” You’d give them a weird look and say, “Heck NO! Who are you that I’d give you anything?” To get anything from God, you better know His Son Jesus and be part of His family – then you can ask in His name! Here’s how.

            Say this prayer out LOUD: “Father God. I have done only what I thought was right my whole life,              not paying much attention to what is right or wrong. This has gotten me into a mess. Now

            I come to you for help.

God, I believe in You and Your Son who died for what I’ve done wrong! Christ, Jesus, come into my heart right now! I stop trusting in myself to live and now I trust in You! Lead me and guide my life showing me what and what not to do. Lord, I trust you from now and forever!”

This gives you a brand new start in life with the slate completely clean! Now, God WILL KNOW you when you approach Him in the name of Jesus. It’s almost like you have been born again with a new start in life.


God is ready, willing and able to answer your prayers! So, ask Him (in the name of Jesus) for what you specifically need. (Key: General prayers get general results. Specific prayers get specific answers.) Don’t approach God and say “I need to make more money.” Say I need $1,632.58 for heat this winter – – or specifically what you really need!

Do not pray for anything outside of His will! (Help me rob a bank or cheat on my wife.) God does not answer stupid prayers.


Believe You WILL receive!!  Remember, only ask Him once! HE is not hard of hearing. After asking, just CONTINUALLY THANK HIM FOR WHAT YOU NEED and EXPECT to receive. That shows your trust and love for Him. I have asked and received $10,000 then almost $20,000 and have copies of the checks!!!

After you receive the answer don’t be disappointed with the way you receive your answer. (God I need a new lawnmower. Then you get sheep. “SHEEP? I wanted a lawnmower.” But God knows what’s best for you. You get your grass cut and you get wool that you are able to sell and if one is pregnant and you get 3 more lambs, for which you sell and make profit. God provided your need and made you money!

Step 4 – PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE – Hebrews 6:12, John 14:13-14

Don’t give up! Thank Him, Thank Him and continually live a life that honors Him and be EXPECTANT! God is never too busy to answer you prayer. GOD DOES WAIT FOR THE PROPER TIMING for you!)

You will receive – IF – you continually believe and trust in Him. Key: Remind Him that His Word in the Name of Jesus promised He would answer your prayer if you’d only ask in Jesus Name. Tell Him, you know HE WILL HONOR HIS WORD and provide what you Need!

Don’t give up! I said “DON’T GIVE UP! Keep praising Him and you WILL RECEIVE anything you need! And those are the 4 Steps to Receiving Anything You Need (not want) from God.